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Interesting Facts About Software Development

By: Diksha | May 18,2020 |

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When we talk about mobile iOS and Android are the top names that come to our mind, right? But, if we talk about the costs of production, Android is an affordable option. The increasing popularity of Android app development has urged businesses to invest in the platform. If you are still reluctant about whether to invest in Android development or not, we will guide you! Here, we will give you a briefing of interesting facts about software development and everything you need to know about it.

Benefits of Interesting Facts About Software Development

There are plenty of benefits associated with Android app development that tempts the developers and users. So, before we move further, let’s have a look at the benefits of opting for Android app development for your next project.

We have listed some of the interesting facts about software development. Read now!

  • Android app development is easy to adopt as it mainly runs on the scripting language Java. And which is widely in use by programmers.
  • Android app inherits the property of multiple sales channels as it can be deployed in multiple different ways, which eliminates the need of depending on a single marketplace. Rather, you can sell over your own website or contact a third party.
  • It is easy to integrate the android app with various business processes by enabling easy customization of the whole platform by integrating your app with ease.
  • Android is open source which offers open-source updates, interfaces, and app technology framework. There is a large community working on the development of the Android platform and technology.
  • Android is known for its low barrier of entry as it simply demands low investment costs and is determined to offer relatively high ROI.

Android SDK (Software development kit)

Although you will not find all the tools you need in SDK but it’s worth a look. There are plenty of cool tools you’re going to find within the kit with pretty cool advantages. Let’s take a look:

Android Studio

Android studio is the official IDE (integrated development environment) for Android app development which is recommended by Google. Moreover, it is built off of IntelliJ’s powerful code combined with greater flexibility and productivity of Android Studio’s Platform. While there are a lot of IDEs out there but this one is just the best suitable one. Android Studio can be the best way to gain basic knowledge regarding the working of the supposed system.

Android development guidelines

It can be the most useful resource for you either if it’s your first application or you’ve already developed multiple apps. And these guidelines are intended for you to guide throughout the app development. You can start in the following sections as it can overwhelming for beginners.

Google services: in this section, you’re going to have a look at what is going under the hood as it offers a wide range of features including location features, sign-in services, cloud backups, and so on.

API guides: it offers basic code creations to basic animations and connects to the internet. And, this information can be used for the functionality of your app.

Sample Code: It offers a code reusability feature that enables you to embed someone else’s code into yours if needed.

Still, have doubts in mind? We have tried to cover all about Android app development.  The main question is what will you do next about these interesting facts about software development? Let’s discuss your project requirements.

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