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9 Reasons Why Customers Might Hate Your Mobile App

By: Diksha | April 22,2019 |

4 min read

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Mobile apps are striving to make people’s life easy. With the abundance of mobile app out there, it is difficult to survive in this cutting-edge competition. Often businesses fail to understand what it takes to make a successful app. You need to provide the audiences with something unique and creative. The answer lies in finding the mistakes in the unsuccessful apps. See what customers are not liking in those apps. Is it the design, functionality, or connectivity?


Now, let’s look at a few reasons why your customers might hate using your app.

Failure To Solve The Real World Problem

To gain popularity, most apps today are the replicas of popular ones. What they are forgetting is the users are looking for innovation, and if you provide them with the same old things, it may lead to a disappointment. For example - if a clothing store is making the same style apparels, then there will be high competition in the market. The buyers will be less interested. Keep in mind that only original designs and innovative concepts can help you build a strong market.

If you want to earn great money from your app. Your main motive should be solving the problem which already exists. Analyze your current competitor’s apps and try to find out the loopholes. Accordingly, design your app in a better way.

Not Being Sure About The Mobile Platform

Whether your application will be an Android app, iPhone app, or Windows app, you need to make your mind. The mobile platform you choose should not be decided on your predisposition. It should be based on the preference of your target audience. Whether it is Android app development or iPhone app development, the unsuccessful apps are not just the result of lack of user experience or quality, but also because of the wrong platform.

Inability To Know Your The Target Audience

One of the major drawbacks in building a mobile app is a failure to understand your target audience. If your audience is not liking what you are making, then it’s of no use. For example - when building a kid’s app, it is important to keep the kids in mind. But, that’s not enough. You need to consider their parents as well. Will they like the app? When considering the app, make sure you look for the target audience properly. If you don’t follow this step, then you may end up getting a blurry picture of your thoughts. Also, it will further lead to the failure of your app.

Too Few Or Too Many Features

Deciding on the number of features is important to consider when building a mobile app. A remarkable app will ensure you get the right balance of features. If you really think that giving feature overload to the customers will attract the customers, then you are completely wrong. Having excessive features in an app may confuse them and push them to opt out of your app.


When building an app, you need to be selective, otherwise, it may reverse the scenario as you may expect. Instead of confusing them, you should focus on the usability of the features.

Incompatible User Experience

Imagine, you are proving a mobile app related to music, but it went out without the microphone feature, isn’t it a problem? Well, it may definitely act as a hindrance in the user’s experience. Such apps limit the user’s experience, and they might not even use it.

The main motive of the apps is to provide an interaction with the user. For that, you can add a feedback option. Having a feedback option allow you to know customer’s concern and also help you serve them better. The app must be appealing to the audience, otherwise, you won’t get any score.

Making It Too Complex For Users

In the way of enhancing customer’s experience, mobile app creators sometimes make it a complex affair. Wondering, what that means? Well, have you ever wondered, why Apple gathers so much attention? It’ simply because of the usage. If the user cannot locate the right button in one go, then you are certainly not serving the purpose.

The truth is that the users don’t have time to learn how to use the app. The interface of the app should be easy-to-operate. And, if you expect them to put so much time in your app, then you are expecting something wrong.

You need to make sure that the app justifies its business value. An app needs to be compatible with the psychic of the target audience and should be made considering the changing trends.

Neglecting Backend Support

Now, this usually applies to game or e-commerce apps. To keep the functioning of your app stable, you need to robust backend support.

There have been several times when the mobile app is not able to handle the traffic inflow and further affecting the traffic. It is time to embrace better means of storage and support to the apps. Not to forget the scalability. Having scalable backend support will allow adjusting the traffic influx.

Not Optimizing The App Performance

Unoptimized apps are always a lost scenario. It is tough for such apps to win in the market. These lead to the reasons why the app doesn’t succeed.

It is important to carry app performance optimization so that it does not affect the user's performance.

Not Allowing Enough Market Time

Where most marketers fail is they do the marketing after the app has been launched. Well, creating a little hype about the app won’t hurt. You can make effective use of social media platforms to market the app and create a buzz in the market. Doing this will help to create a little excitement before the launch. For example - every year Apple create hype about their upcoming product. People talk about it and desperately wait for the launch date. This strategy has helped them gain a humongous audience. You can also strategize on for your app and check later to see the responses.

So, avoid these mistakes and strive to make an app which stands out among the competitors.

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