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5 Top Android App Development Trends To Follow In 2020

By: Diksha | April 20,2020 |

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The increasing demand for mobile apps has urged mobile companies to come up with new innovations. Every year we get to hear about new mobile trends to serve our users with the best. If we talk about the Android platforms, there were nearly 21.9 million app downloads on the Google Play Store. The figure speaks enough of its popularity, isn’t it?

With millions of users on the list, Android apps are worth spending on. So, if you are planning to create your next business app, then investing in the Android platform shouldn’t be missed! Android is a promising platform and keeping up with the latest trends can help you garner more audience and large customer base.

So, it’s that time of the year again, where we speak about the top android app development trends. Don’t want to miss the platform to reach your audience. Let’s dig in the details to know what trends you must follow these years.

Android App Development Trends in 2020

Android Instant Apps

Instant apps need no introduction, they have been for a while now! For all those, who don’t what instant apps are? Well, these are the apps that can be used by the users without any installation required. The main idea behind these apps was to allow the user to have a quick view of the app and how it works. These have been quite popular in gaming and editing apps. Once you try the app for a while, it will ask the user to download to experience more.

So, what are the benefits of using Android Instant Apps?

  • Excellent UX/UI design.
  • Get instant access to the app, without even downloading it.
  • Seamless user experience.
  • Opens just like the web app, require less traffic.
  • It offers more storage, instead of using the full space to download the app.

The Android instant apps require the same source code and the same APIs. This means you can develop one app and reach twice the audience (one who will use it to try and one who will download it). One development and you get double audiences.


Chatbots are trending ever since they have been rolled out. With chatbots, you no longer need a human to converse with your audience, chatbots can handle all. They are available 24/7 to interact with the audiences and help them solve their queries. According to recent studies, more than 59% of B2B companies are using chatbots to connect with customers across the globe. Chatbots are a big Android app development trend that you can surely not miss this one. For example - Brands like - Starbucks use chatbots to interact with their coffee lovers. They use the chatbots to allow the users to choose the coffer they want to be served. Also, they use chatbots to get feedback from their customers. Such strategies help in enhancing the user experience and increase your brand’s visibility.

Multiplatform Development

Well, the future of Android apps definitely needs technologies like - Flutter. It is an open-source, single code, and flexible framework that allows the developers to create apps on both Android and iOS platforms. There are several reasons why you should consider creating an Android app using Flutter. Want to know more? Check out the benefits of using Flutter.

  • Development Time: The flutter uses a single code to create an app on both the platforms, which means there is no code rewriting. So, the development time taken to create an app will be less. Not just that, Flutter is fast enough to create MVP apps and get feedback from the users and investors.
  • Design: Flutter uses native widgets in creating iOS and Android apps. It can change the behavior of the user’s element, which means the users can enjoy a smooth user experience.
  • Documentation: Flutter is easy to learn programming language that comes with detailed documentation. The users get various learning resources like - podcasts, videos, and more which makes it easy to understand the development process.

There are various brands that have already started using Flutter app development and are running great profits. Some of the popular Flutter apps are - Alibaba, Google Ads, and Reflectly. All these comes with an excellent user interface and smooth performance.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Technology never fails to amaze, and we completely agree with that! There are various apps where there is AI and MI integration which includes - FaceApp, Prisma, and more. People tend to use these technologies in their everyday lives like - Google Assistants that help in handling routine tasks with ease.

Artificial Intelligence is no new to the market and is widely popular among users. The year 2020 will witness more advanced Android app development trends relating to AI like - voice translators, chatbots, and smart predictions. The combination of AI and MI can increase the user experience and interaction with Android apps. Not just that, these technologies help in improving the services for future use.

Many established names like - Netflix uses Artificial Intelligence to understand user preferences. Based on these analyses, they provide their users with a personalized experience. Similarly, LinkedIn also works on AI algorithms to suggest people and job recommendations to the users.

Android Jetpack

A trend that you cannot miss in 2020! It’s the newest in Google’s list! Android Jetpack is the suite full of tools, libraries, and guidelines that help the developers to create smart apps. The main idea behind its creation is to help the developers in preventing memory leaks, surviving configuration changes, and managing the activity lifecycles. Within a short time span, Android Jetpack has gained a lot of popularity with more than 80% of top apps using it successfully. There is more to the store and you should definitely experience this.

Google gives structured and well-defined documentation of Google Jetpack. The main components include - Foundation, Behavior, Architecture, and UI. All these help in building excellent functionality, robust, and user-friendly Android apps. It’s a powerhouse of functionalities that help in creating your dream Android app with ease.

The Future Of Android Apps

Considering these trends, it’s very clear that the future of Android apps will be soaring new highs in 2020. New challenges, new technologies, new tools, there will be a lot to witness in the coming year. Excited to try these trends and gain benefits? It’s time to switch to innovation and start something big!

Have some thoughts to share? Leave your comment to discuss more the upcoming Android app development trends.

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