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Generate Higher ROI on Mobile Application

By: Diksha | August 30,2018 |

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In-app advertising is currently the most effective and fastest growing technological innovation industry. People are not only getting ahead on the technical field but are also generating higher ROI using mobile advertising. App marketers spend a fair amount on mobile advertising and has already taken over desktop ad spending. Consider the average of lifetime value of mobile app users attains by advertising and compare it with organic user, you will observe that second group of users are more loyal. Therefore, successful marketers are going for marketing strategy consisting organic UAQ tactics and advertising methods.

How Mobile Application deliver ROI?

Mobile application development scenario is constantly evolving and transforming everyday lives. However, people are still aware of latest marketing trends, which makes it less impactful. Moreover, lowering the user acquisition cost is the major target for the marketers which gives birth to the new trend everyday. It can be crucial for you to offer a product to right people at the right time, just when they are looking for it. Therefore, app store optimization is there and it will always be the most preferred way to reach the potential users in mobile marketing. There are several platforms built for app marketers for app developing and user acquisition as well. These platforms are mostly responsible for app store marketing or release management. It can also offer analysis functionality and hands-on features to cut the mobile application time up to 90%.

ROI for your brand’s application

Branding and services mobile applications are applications can be availed to users for free. They can download and use it without spending any additional expenses. ROI can be increased with a clear improvement of brand’s perception and a rise in consumer’s intention to make purchases.They are not intended to yield any kind of ROI out of their mobile application development process. If we want to bet on developing apps that aim at promoting our brand and giving it a higher reputation, we must realise that the return on investment will not come as direct revenue. Greater customer loyalty can be attained at the same time your company is taking leap into the current era of modernity and innovation. There’s also a good technique to differentiate your brand from your rivalries.

ROI in hybrid paid apps

For attaining an immediate ROI, the fastest way is to go for pay-per-download model. However, it is not the favorite model of the user as initially they have to pay an amount for downloading the application without even knowing whether it will be enough to meet their requirements. Also, when they purchase an app, their expectations increase and are often hard to meet. There are basically two options, one is to set the lowest amount for in-app purchase. It doesn’t affect user’s pocket really and tend to get more consumers. Another is to go for higher prices. But, we have to be sure that the product will get sold and ROI will be guaranteed.

Measuring the ROI

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of an application development process concerns our app directly and depends on which operating system it has been developed for. In this sense, we must bear in mind that Apple Store and Google Play are the most famous markets. They offer tools for keeping a record of the times our app gets downloaded, as well as from which countries it was downloaded from and user performance data. We can also check the comments and opinions left by those who have tried our app and the error reports it may have generated to act accordingly and get these problems solved in future updates.

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