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4 Augmented Reality Trends To Watch Out In 2020

By: Diksha | November 11,2020 |

4 min read

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Technologies like - Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have turned out to be quite powerful and successful. This game-changing technology has opened opportunities for millions of users today. According to a recent study, AR-supporting mobile devices are expected to reach 1.6 billion and the AR market size will reach USD 1848 million by 2025. The figures make it totally worth all the attention. Top companies like - Snapchat are making efficient use of Augmented Reality for creating user-engaging filters to connect with their users.

Today, we will talk about the latest Augmented Reality trends that will shape your business in 2020. Let’s read the details.

AR To Enhance The Shopping Experiences

AR is going to be one of the biggest retail trends in 2020. According to a recent report by Gartner, there will be around 100 million users using technology to enhance their shopping experiences. Not just that, more than 48% of consumers agree that AR has helped them make better retail decisions. No matter where the customers are, they can try clothes, jewelry, and even makeup using the AR configuration.

The AR technology has turned out to be a blessing, especially in the times of the Coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has left no option for us except online shopping. So, trying on things in the virtual space can help consumers make better decisions. AI-powered technology has created an immersive shopping experience that has benefited both users and businesses.

AR Will Power Artificial Intelligence

Mixing Artificial Intelligence with Augmented Reality can transform your business world and enhance user experiences. The technologies help to build interactive and smart functionality apps. The AI in-built apps combined with AR helps to get a clear see-through image of the users using the camera. Instagram and Snapchat filters are the pure combinations of AR and AI. The apps offer several filter options that the users use for interactions.

more to AI and augmented reality

Companies like - Amazon are using Artificial Intelligence technology to deliver better search results to the users. By using the immersive AR technology on Amazon apps can give the users better insights into the product and help them in making buying decisions. Not just that, the retail stores can install AR-enabled spaces where the users can try before they buy. Companies can also add AI-powered chatbots to offer enhanced customer support. Responses can be tailored and personalization will help attract more users.

AR In Education Sector

The year 2020 will see a remarkable growth of AR in the field of education. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the educational sectors the most. Although AR has been in this sector for a while now, the year 2020 has made it more popular. There are several AR-enabled apps and platforms that help in better student-teacher engagement. The AR technology gives an excellent 3D view that helps in making the subject more interesting. Visuals help the students to gain a better understanding of the subject and help them learn fast.

Student learning using apps integrated with AR technology.

AR technology can make learning fun with interesting tools and other added features. Technology is a great way to test knowledge and prepare better for future opportunities.  Many big companies like - Walmart are offering online training programs to their employees for better customer engagement. Other famous examples of AR-enabled educational apps are - Quiver, Math Alive, Wonderscope, and more. Add the technology and give a real-time educational experience to your children.

AR In Social Media

Having a good social media engagement has become the necessity of businesses today. AR is redefining the way people interact on social media platforms. Gone are the days when social media was only about posting plain posts that promote your brand, now the times are different. Popular social media platforms like - Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok,  and Facebook offer engaging filters that allow the users to post stories and other social media posts.

social media experience enhanced using AR.

The AR social media market is expected to gain more than $12 billion by the end of 2022. The real-world designs make social media posts more interesting and engaging for the audiences. So, technology can help boost your social media channels and thus gearing up your business.

Wrapping Up!

Augmented Reality is empowering several industries today and enhancing the overall market experience.  The companies need to invest heavily in edge computing services to deliver quality AR experiences to the end-users. Investing in technology will surely reap enormous benefits. It’s time to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q - 1 - How To Use Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality or AR can be used in several ways. Some  of them are listed below:

  • AR games
  • Product modeling and designing
  • Configurators
  • Trade shows and events
  • E-learning

Q - 2 - Is Augmented Reality Same As Virtual Reality?

No. Virtual reality integrates elements of interactivity to supplement the ambiance of the real world. It stimulates an immersive experience that shuts out the physical world. This doesn’t happen in augmented reality.

Q - 3 - Will Augmented Reality Help In Marketing?

Although augmented reality cannot replace the reality of marketing, it can certainly act as a supplement. The technology helps you engage with the audiences in an interactive way and enhance the user experience.

Q - 4 - How Much Does It Cost To Develop Augmented Reality App?

The costs of developing an augmented reality app may vary from company to company. The better the quality you are looking for the better price you have to pay. The cost also depends on the 3D graphics you choose. Investing in technology is totally worthwhile.

Have we missed to mention any AR trends? Please feel free to mention this in the comments below.

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