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10 Effective Email Marketing Strategies

By: Diksha | December 30,2019 |

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Is email marketing still effective? Do people even read emails at all? The answer to that question is a big yes. People do still read and send emails, and email marketing is even more effective than it was before.

Marketers have reported that among all the marketing techniques and strategies done, email marketing has the highest return on investment. Even higher than that of social media.

Now that gives businesses hope that they can still manage their email marketing strategy to generate more leads. But email marketing is not simply sending out spammy, promotional emails to anyone. If that’s your strategy, there is no doubt that your technique will not work out.

Instead, here are effective ways that could help you with your next marketing content.


Nobody likes to receive a gift that is not of interest to them or doesn’t add value to their lives. Email marketing is similar to that. When people receive emails that are not according to what they often research for or like, it is more likely that they will not open your email.

Therefore, one best way for businesses to make people click on their email is to personalize the content. For businesses to do so, there are software or apps they can use to track what users want and research. This gathered data can be used to create emails that are right for the person.

When people receive emails that are patterned to their likes, they might subscribe to your business and turn into a paying customer.


Isn’t it annoying to receive an email that you won’t be able to attend or something that you are not interested in? The problem with some email marketers is that they often send each email to everyone on the email list. This strategy is not helpful because people don’t like receiving an email that is not based on their likes or interest.

Sending people with emails that are not relevant to their interests may result in a lower open rate, and they could unsubscribe to your email lists. Therefore, it’s better to send emails according to people’s interests, location, and other factors. It is always a good practice to implement segregation in your marketing strategy.

39% of marketing experts who segregate their emails based on their customers’ interests achieve a higher open rate. The goal of sending emails to people is to make them click the email, engage on it, and turn them into valued customers.

Therefore, it is only proper to send emails based on people’s interests. There is software that can gather a user’s interest and past search behavior that can help your team know what people are interested in.


Most emails send out by marketing teams are static messages. Some of this email may work out, but most of it won’t. People nowadays like catchy, engaging content. They want to be part of something. Therefore, if you want to grab your customers’ or readers’ attention, an interactive email is the best way to do it.

Samples of interactive content you can use for your email are surveys, videos, digital scratch cards, polls, GIFs, and a lot more. These marketing tactics have an open rate of 300%, which means that there is a higher chance to convert readers to customers.


The first thing people read about your email is the subject line. If the subject line is too long, too short, or not based on their interest, it is more likely that users are not going to click your email. Therefore, your content will be useless.

It is important to know that when making a subject line for your email, it must grab your readers’ attention. 

Here are some tips to make an effective subject line.

  • It must be written straightforwardly with no gimmicks.
  • Tap into your readers’ emotions by making an emotional subject line.
  • It must only contain 6 to 10 words, no more, no less.
  • Adding numbers or questions will intrigue your readers
  • Make it personal.

Now it’s time for you and your team to create a subject line that will make your readers click on your email.


Not all emails are effective. Not all audiences are the same. Therefore, testing if your brand’s email marketing strategy is effective is a must. In split testing your brand’s email content, different emails will be sent out to your audience to determine which emails are opened, engaged in, and hence, effective.

This strategy is helpful for businesses to know which is the most effective way they can generate income and increase their potential customers. Split testing will not only help determine a good email content, but it also settles what subject line works, and what time of the day sending out email is the best.

Split testing your brand’s email marketing tactics work many wonders.


Users or customers don’t sign up to receive emails from your brand if it doesn’t add value to them. Therefore, creating a highly valuable content that is enriching to the lives of your readers must be a practice, not only once but often.

When a content brings value to the readers, this will make them trust your brand. If people trust your brand, they could become a potential customer for your business. Not only will they turn into customers but, they will keep coming back for more.


Gone are the days that people stay on their desktop or computers for hours. Most of the time people engage more in activities on their mobile phones. Since this gadget is convenient and becoming more and more popular, many software, applications, and programs on the desktop have a mobile version. This is to go along with what the users demand.

Like all this software and applications, marketing experts must also pattern their content not only for PCs or desktop users. They must create content that fits a mobile user too. Nowadays, people open their emails on their smartphones more than they do on their desktop. Now, this gives you the idea that optimizing a mobile version of your email content is necessary.


Getting new subscribers is great. Turning them into valued customers is a bit difficult as compared to turning your inactive subscribers to customers.

There are a lot of subscribers that become inactive after signing up for a campaign or newsletter. Often, marketers define an inactive subscriber to be someone who doesn’t engage in any emails sent to them within three to six months.

Now how can you turn an inactive user to become active and become a loyal customer? It’s easy, all you have to do is present them with engaging content, like polls and surveys. But it’s not only that, promise your inactive users with something like gifts or coupon for them to become active to your content.

When your inactive users become active, they could turn into your customers.


People like to gather information or purchase items from a credible source. If your brand has good reviews or has a lot of followers and subscribers, it is time to show them off.

Presenting your numbers to your potential customers will increase the chance that they will engage in your email content. People like products or services that are proven to have good results. This increases their confidence in your product.


It is important to invite your readers to engage in your email’s content. The best way to invite them is to create an eye-catching CTA.

Your CTA must stand out among the rest of your content. Here are some pointers to remember when creating a CTA for your email content.

  • Use a color that will make your CTA stand out.
  • Use a lot of whitespaces to separate CTA from other content of your email.
  • Use only one CTA. More than one CTA could confuse your subscribers on which action to take.


Email marketing is one aspect of digital marketing that will prevail even in the coming years. Therefore, it is important to lay these strategies to come up with effective content. Following these will get you ahead of the game and generate more profit for your business. 


John Ocampos is an Opera Singer by profession and a member of the Philippine Tenors. Ever since, Digital Marketing has always been his forte. He is the Founder of SEO-Guru, and the Managing Director of Tech Hacker. John is also the Strategic SEO and Influencer Marketing Manager of Softvire Australia - the leading software eCommerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand.

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