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How Artificial Intelligence Is Used In Tracking COVID-19?

By: Diksha | April 23,2020 |

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The outbreak of Coronavirus has affected the lives of millions of people across the globe. With so many people testing positive every day, it has become difficult for the countries to keep track of the increasing number of cases. Scientists around the world are looking for ways to battle the pandemic, but the situation is really worse. Artificial Intelligence has turned out to be really effective in tracking the virus. Countries like - China are using Artificial intelligence tools to detect the signs of COVID-19.

Coronavirus is transmitted by touching things that have the virus on them. It can easily get transferred from one infected person to another. WHO has set several guidelines to fight the pandemic with the main emphasis on cleaning hands and using hand sanitizers. Early detection of the disease is tough as the symptoms show up after several days. A person may unwillingly spread the disease and infect other people. Countries like - US, China, Spain, the UK, Italy, and Germany have been affected by community transmission for the virus. Not just that, India has also been hit by the virus with more than 20,000 people infected (still, no community transfers).

COVID-19 is a big fight for all the countries and coping up with the situation is really hard for everyone. In these times of crisis, technology has turned out to be a blessing! Artificial Intelligence helps in scanning CTs, searching new molecules that are capable of treating Corona, and track those who are showing symptoms of the disease. Isn’t that revolutionary?

How Healthcare Apps Are Tracking The Virus?

Artificial Intelligence is helping app development companies to create an accurate and secure platform to detect the virus. How healthcare apps help in knowing about various things such as:

  • Provide details of the infected person
  • How they contracted the disease
  • Symptoms
  • An open line to talk directly to the medical professionals

Artificial Intelligence helps in making a smart machine that helps in performing daily activities requiring human intelligence. Some apps provide only the information while others help in diagnosing the symptoms. AI is really helping not only the patients but also the doctors in examining the patient’s condition.

Let’s move further and learn about how Artificial Intelligence is helping the Healthcare industry.

Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Apps

Artificial Intelligence has evolved as an impressive technology for creating various healthcare apps. It has simplified the lives of doctors, patients, and healthcare organizations. Take a look at a few points that shows that technology is surely a blessing in the healthcare industry.

  • Gone are the days when we had to step out of our houses to consult a doctor. Now, you can do that at home. The technology allows you to connect with healthcare professionals using the app over chats, phone calls, and video calls. In situations, where coronavirus cases are increasing, and with a rise in cases for healthcare professionals getting infected with coronavirus, one must avoid stepping out.
  • The government of India recently launched the ‘Aarogya Setu App.’ The app is powered with Artificial Intelligence, Bluetooth tracking, and other algorithms. By answering a few questions, this self-testing app helps not only in analyzing the symptoms but, also helps the health officials to take the appropriate measures to prevent Corona cases.
  • With the help of Artificial Intelligence, one can easily screen their symptoms and help in saving their lives as well as for people around them. Not just that, these apps also help in providing information to the people about the virus and keep them informed.


Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, mobile phones have evolved as a blessing. Yes, we are getting disheartening Coronavirus updates every day on our phones. But, these apps have also been a productive source of information and virus detection. The integration of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare apps has simplified the lives of several people. We have to admit that AI has given a boost to the healthcare industry and will continue to do so in the future.

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