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Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence

By: Diksha | October 05,2018 |

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Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology and industries are leveraging its advantages to maximum. But to seek the most of it, you must be familiar to its lesser known facts. Here I am introducing you to some of the interesting factors about AI which will leave you flabbergasted-

  1. MASSIVE Software: Stephen Regelous developed an AI enabled software package especially for visual effects industry. Most amazing feature of this software package is that it can create up to thousands of agents at the same time programming or animating as individual. it was originally developed for “Lord of the rings” battle scene. after the successful visual effect it has been used in many popular productions including Avatar, King Kong, The Chronicles of Narnia, Mountain, Blades of Glory, Eragon, Happy Feet and the list goes on.
  2. Genetic algorithm: Surviving and adapting is something evolution is based on. Similarly, AI based genetic algorithm applied to bots are used for overtime learning for avoiding obstacles. It works by simulating the Darwinian selection, by selecting best for replication. Basically, it addresses the critical problems by generating random answers to the problem and eliminating the worst fitting answers in process. Ultimately it reaches to cross-pollinating best answer to the problem and the evolutionary process is called “survival of the fittest”. ever imagined a machine working alike humans do?”
  3. Open letter on AI: This fact is not a happy one as In January 2015, biggest influencers including Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and dozen of AI experts signed an open letter on Artificial intelligence. Letter basically addresses researchers and experts for attaining the potential benefits from technology and prevent developing anything which might cause trouble to human kind. AI acquires ability to eradicate poverty and diseases and experts must prevent creating something which cannot be controlled.
  4. Facebook’s future plans: Facebook team is currently working hard on developing something called “deep learning”. Outcome is expected to deliver an AI enabled application which processes data similarly like humans do by making use of brain cells and simulations of network. Deep learning is being developed for determining the emotions of humans, basically Facebook will start behaving psychic by predicting the response of their users. Though it is still a work in progress.
  5. Breaking records in 2048 game: Speaking about technology being better than human kind, AI placed a record of highest score in 2048 of 839,732, that too without any undo. the game lasted for about 4 hours and built a 32,768 tile. even the worst AI instance at least beat 2048 tile 35,600.

Not everything about AI is rainbows and unicorns. There are some downsides to the technology and experts are expected to keep them in mind!

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