DevOps is an advanced set of practices that power the development, testing, and deployment using the latest tools and technologies to automate the processes. It enables the organization to optimize efficiency across various IT functions. devops

Interesting Facts On DevOps

  • 58% of organizations witnessed better performance and enhanced ROI.
  • 47% of companies have seen reduced time-to-market of software and services.
  • The market share of DevOps is expected to increase by $6.6 billion by 2022.
  • 68% of companies that have deployed DevOps have seen improved end-to-end customer experience.

Benefits Of DevOps


Better Team Collaboration

DevOps is an improvisation of agile software development methodologies that helps in facilitating collaboration and encourages the users to work towards a single goal.

Fast Delivery Time

DevOps facilitates automation that helps in quick delivery. With quick feedback, developers can fix the glitches in time.

Greater Customer Experiences

With quick automation, it becomes easier to ensure the stability and reliability of the application. The apps will run flawlessly and help in enhancing customer experience.

Early Defect Detection

The automated monitoring and testing of code help in improving the overall build quality. Teams can easily share feedback with each other and detect the defects early.

4 DevOps Trends To Follow In 2021


Rise In Artificial Intelligence

AI will play a crucial role in the automation of automated pipelines, maintaining, and testing various deployed models.


Serverless architecture like - FaaS and BaaS can empower DevOps to the highest potential, thus saving time and cutting costs.

Zero-Touch Automation

The year 2021 will focus on zero-touch automation, thereby reducing human intervention and fully automating the development processes.


The cloud-native practices will lead to faster deployment, better innovation, and enhanced customer experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q - 1 - What exactly is DevOps? Is it a tool?

Well, DevOps cannot be categorized as a tool. It is actually a collaborative work culture that involves the development and operation teams of development, testing, integration, and monitoring. It’s more of a cultural shift.

Q - 2 - What are the most popular DevOp tools?

The most popular DevOps tools are - Maven, Git, Selenium, Ansible, Kubernetes, Nagios, Docker, and Jenkins.

Q - 3 - What are the technical benefits of DevOps?

There are several benefits of DevOps like - there will be less complex problems to fix, seamless software delivery, fast bug resolution, and more.

Q - 4 - How is DevOps helpful to developers?

DevOps is really helpful for the developers. It can help in implementing new features quickly and fix the bugs more efficiently. Not just that it helps in having effective communication between the team members.

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