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5 Ways Blockchain Is Transforming Digital Marketing And Advertising

By: Diksha | July 01,2020 |

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Blockchain needs no introduction! The technology is all set to transform the world of digital marketing and advertising. In this digital world, the adoption of blockchain technology can make a lot of difference to your business. Online purchases and trade securities are at alarming risks that are taking place every now and then. With the help of effective blockchain technology, you can actually provide a secure system for your business and make it flourish.

Do you know why Blockchain is so popular? Well, the major reason for the popularity of blockchain is to solve the problem of cybersecurity. Wondering how? Well, it helps to introduce the new forms of digital interactions and restructuring the fundamental business transactions. If you are looking forward to efficiency, transparency, and security, then you can completely rely on blockchain technology. Trust me, this will be the best decision of your life and for the growth of your business.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is an impressive technology that never fails to impress! The technology allows making direct online payments without the need of financial counterparties. People can securely record the data in the digital ledger. The recorded data by the people is both centralized and verifiable. Although the use of blockchain technology is prevalent more in the banking and finance sector, it can also provide efficient results in the marketing and advertising industries. Blockchain can help to maintain the data with brand-safety, utmost transparency, and accountability. The details must be sounding fascinating, isn’t it? Check out the details on how blockchain technology is useful in the field of marketing and advertising.

5 Ways Blockchain Is Transforming Advertising And Marketing Industry

No More Middlemen

Say goodbye to middlemen! Yes, you read it right! The blockchain technology eliminates the need for middlemen and allows the users and intermediaries to interact freely with each other. The technology allows the companies to pay their targeted audience directly to view their ads. Using the technology both the clients and the contractors get a sense of complete security as the decentralized system of blockchain facilitates the easy flow of money between the parties.

The benefit of blockchain technology is not just restricted to companies and advertisers but also to other industries. The technology allows you to connect to your potential audience directly, thereby, ensuring smart spending. So, there is no need for the middlemen in the process.

Verification And Online Ad Buying


Well, that’s true that the accuracy of stats in online advertising is questionable. You never know whether the true customers are reading your ad or the clicks are coming from the hired or bots clients. With blockchain, you can get real insights. The technology boosts programmatic buying that allows the advertising companies to easily find the people viewing your ads are the real ones or not. By using this, the businesses get to know about genuine clicks and accordingly build their stats. Blockchain technology is encrypted and transparent which ensures the company gets what it is paying for.

What’s more? Well, another benefit of incorporating blockchain technology in advertising is ad verification. The blockchain helps the marketers to know where exactly their ads have been placed and how they are responding. It is a cost-effective alternative to decentralizing ad auditing marketing. What it does is it takes the ad deliveries from the ad servers and releases them to mining machines. With blockchain, one can easily blacklist and identify the frauds in real-time.

Regulatory Compliance And Data Protection

The most common use of blockchain by marketers is to store large volumes of customer data securely. The blockchain technology is decentralized and encrypted, thus makes up for a perfect alternative to the traditional storage methods.

Blockchain technology also ensures the highest levels of privacy protection which focus on the identity and protection of that identity with regard to the data associated with it. You can also manage GDPR with the help of blockchain. GDPR usually requires marketers to take consent from their customers and manage things. Not just that, the blockchain model also helps the customer to permit the company to access data for limited use and limited time.

Influencer Marketing And The Targeting Audiences In An Efficient Way

The blockchain technology helps the marketers and advertisers to build the customer profile directly in one go by using the information directly from the customers. It helps to build a database of the target audience in an efficient manner os you can easily access the details. The technology further allows the companies to smartly advertise their product or services to the potential customers who are likely to buy the product.

Speaking of the digital media, there has been an outstanding growth in the field. Today, influencer marketing plays a vital role in creating awareness among brands. People get easily influenced by the influencers, they follow them and love doing things that they are doing. With the help of blockchain technology, it is easy to track the engagement criteria of an influencer contract, thereby ensuring the high level of accuracy and transparency.

Unique Digital Identity Across Digital Channels

digital identity

Having a digital identity is one of the most important phenomena to survive in this cutting-edge competition. Blockchain technology allows you to incorporate trust and security in the digital identity applications. The digital identities based on blockchain technology take into account the storage of individual data. Apart from that, it also offers vital links which are important for transfers of digital assets. Want to know more about the blockchain-based on digital identity? Keep reading to know the details.

  • Some digital identities are based on the augment credit score for property buyers. These allow smart contractors with full property details and also let you know the digital identity of the buyer.
  • KYC or reputation management system also uses digital identification of the data to know details about the customers and get more quantitative and qualitative information.
  • Another use of digital identities is these are used in the food chain with blockchain information and barcode. The information is linked to it and helps in verifying the trajectory of the product.

So, if you are looking forward to incorporating blockchain technology to your business, then do proper research and then act on it.

Improving Transparency

One of the major reasons why marketers are using blockchain technology is that it offers full transparency in all the transactions. The main aim of this technology is to provide users with a secure interface, thereby safeguarding their privacy.

Blockchain technology facilitates the tamper-proof transparency on every product which moves through the supply chain. The technology also allows the users to keep track of every movement of the product. Doing this will further enhance the customer experience by bringing the utmost transparency.

For example – if the customer wants to buy an expensive luxury brand product, they can easily access the digital ledger and check if it is real or not. The technology gives full control to the users and builds trust. They will instantly get the confidence to buy the products.

Not just that, the technology helps in building the brand and creating trust among the users. What else do the advertisers crave for? All they want is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing full support to them.

Provides Accountability

When you spend the cash on a counterfeit product can be worst and frustrating for a customer. But, with the help of technology, you can easily aid each step of the supply chain. Thus improving the merchant’s accountability and further enhances the user’s purchasing experience by ensuring full transparency.

The Future Of Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology is new to many marketers and advertisers. Many must be wondering, how it will affect the future of digital marketing? Well, the technology focusses on providing customers with seamless user experience. Not just that, it can help the advertisers and marketers to increase and adapt the ROI significantly.

Well, there is no doubt that blockchain is a robust and powerful technology. The concept of blockchain is here to stay and will surely transform the marketing landscape with its unexpected innovations. There are endless possibilities for marketing experts in terms of transparency, security, performance, and efficiency. There is nothing wrong to say that the blockchain technology can remove the piracy problems of digital distribution by ensuring frictionless monetization of digital content.

We call Blockchain - A Miracle Technology, as it has transformed several industries today! If implemented well, then it can do wonders for digital marketing worst. So, what are you wondering? If you have a brilliant idea, then grab the opportunity to make the most of it!

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