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7 Top IoT Trends That Will Rule In 2020

By: Diksha | December 03,2019 |

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The technology has evolved over the years and set some new standards. The concept of IoT has become mainstream and marked its presence in various industries across the globe. Before we dig deep into the details, let’s know about the technology. What exactly is IoT? Internet of things is a system where computing devices and other digital machines transfer data over a network without any human requirement. According to a few predictions, there will be around 20 billion devices connected to IoT by 2020. And, if you want to stand out among the competitors, then you need to stay updated with the IoT trends.

Today, we will read about the top IoT trends that will rule in the year 2020.

Edge Computing

For a long time, IoT has been relying on cloud storage for storing the data. The IoT industry has now started evolving and begin to realize the utility of calculating, storing, and analyzing the data to the limit. This means that instead of sending data to the cloud, the data will be first transferred to the local devices. The local storage device help in filtering, sorting and calculating the data and further helps in sending the data to the cloud.

Edge computing offers many benefits to offer several benefits. Let’s check out a few benefits of edge computing.

  • It has a low dependency on the cloud, thereby helping apps perform faster with reduced latency.
  • It offers better management of the large amount of data that every device sends.
  • IoT based apps consume less bandwidth.

Smart Home

Another IoT trend to look out for is Smart Home. People who discarded the smart home as devices for youngsters now find it difficult to resist the technology. Smart Home will be popular in the coming years and the credit goes to highly innovative technology which is not only enhancing the home automation but also providing home security and safety of your family.

Another reason to consider IoT technology is the need to save energy. The smart lighting and intelligent thermostats help in reducing bills and conserving energy, thereby making people turn to IoT devices.

Blockchain for IoT Security

The integration of blockchain devices and IoT deserves special attention here in the security section. Many government and financial institutions, industrialists, consumers, and entrepreneurs will be self-governing, decentralized, and smart. There are many companies that are building their territory on the entanglement of IOTA to develop modules for firms without the cost of Cloud and Saas.


The coming year is going to witness the monolithic and centralized computer models which are separated in microservices and distributed to various devices and machines. In centralized, there is a minimal guarantee in terms of security as the data will be held by a specific party. Blockchain technology helps in eliminating the control of one party and issues of lack of security. There are ample benefits to the integration of Blockchain and IoT, thereby making it one of the most important IoT technology trends.

Smart Cities to Become Mainstream

In the past, states used to implement sensors and various other technologies to take accessible data collection tools. Smart Cities will now become a reality in the coming years. Soon, we will see cities investing in the pioneering exchange of data which allows the amalgamation of data between the public and private organizations.

The year 2020 will see the inception of several IoT apps that are directed to improving the social, environmental, and financial elements of urban living. This integration of IoT will decrease traffic congestion, unlock sustainable development, and improve security, thereby raising the urban living standards. The IoT trend spending efforts are anticipated to reach $80 billion by the year 2050, and that’s a huge figure to consider.

Incorporation of AI & Big Data

There are billions of industrial and consumer devices that are connected to the data transmission and IoT the amount of data that needs to be analyzed and processed will increase exponentially. Here, the idea is not just to collect rough data but to grab processable information from the data. To get this information, you need to integrate some artificial engineering techniques.

By incorporating technologies like - Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning will define the trends of IoT in the coming years. By using the data analytics tools on the connected devices, it will become easier to base decisions around both the preventive and predictive measures.

Personalization in Retail

Well, we have to believe that IoT is making the retail supply chain management more efficient. By integrating smart beacon techniques and sensors, shopping experiences have become quite easier. In the coming years, IoT will rejuvenate the retail shopping experiences of people by personalizing the commercial presence.

Companies have already started using IoT technology to enhance the shopping experiences of consumers. You might have seen notifications on discounts or offers from your favorite shopping stores, but do you know the inside map of the store that takes you to the product you want. IoT will help in enhancing your retail experiences by

Healthcare Industry Will See Increased IoT Adoption

The healthcare industry has seen the implications of IoT and the coming years will see more of it. Various devices such as - medical equipment, portable devices, sends, and range of other healthcare devices are configured with IoT. Both the general population and the health service providers are knowledgeable about the technology. And, the increase in demand will increase the adoption of IoT in the world of medicine.

Today, various intelligent wearable and implants communicate with the patient’s parameters, virtual assistants, and mobile health applications to help in monitoring the patient’s health while sitting at home. All this happening with the help of intelligent technology, thereby remodeling the medical world.


So, the above-mentioned trends will dominate the IoT app development system in the year 2020. Both industries and consumers will see a series of benefits of technology. These trends are enough to predict the future of IoT is definitely promising and surely worth the wait. So, if you want to accelerate your business growth, then you should definitely don’t miss this one.

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