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Why Enterprises Are Going For DevOps?

By: Diksha | November 09,2018 |

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Be it a start-up or a larger-enterprise, several business enterprises are adopting DevOps solutions and services for acquiring a robust competitive advantage. Startups don’t have to carry the burden legacy systems which allows them with the flexibility of adopting the emerging technologies and gaining the competitive edge. But with several barriers such as less agility, demographic constraints, and financial barriers, it can be difficult for enterprises to adopt DevOps. But why do they even need to consider it in the first place? Here are some ways, DevOps can accelerate the digital transformation within your organization-

Feedback Loops

There’s a hype about DevOps that it can only be deployed for automation or faster deployments of code. But organizations need to understand that it is much more than that. DevOps is not a magic wand which will just do everything for you automatically. Organizations, which fails to have a proper view of the delivery process fails to gain advantage even after acquiring DevOps. It is mostly about providing constant feedback considering various aspects of design, production, development and product management. It offers a great learning experience through mistakes, progress, making improvement and growth.

Measuring Validated Success

Metrics is the most important aspect of DevOps program. It is important for the organizations to understand the improvement and focus of areas which require improvement as enterprize move towards DevOps program. For instance, faster deployment without any visible change in quality represents no success. Whereas key metrics continue to drive decisions related to automation. The success of enterprise DevOps completely depends on identifying the right metrics. To measure the improvement, organizations should consider aligning to velocity and throughput.

Proactive Security

Most organizations take security as an afterthought, which can be their biggest mistake in the long run. Never make security an afterthought, rather integrate the security-related issues early on in the development cycle from the word go. Security should be the foundation of DevOps program as it is the core requirement to avoid inconsistencies and irregularities with proactive monitoring in any layer by telling you about any of the potential crash.

Collaborative Culture

With DevOps, you can establish performance-oriented and shared culture forms of the cornerstone of successful DevOps program, regardless of the size of the enterprise. With DevOps it’s all about forming a performance-driven culture which thrives to make the constant improvement, continuous deployment, and experimentation.

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