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White Label App Development: Definition, Types, Benefits, And More

By: Diksha | August 12,2022 |

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Do you know that there are around 4.33 billion mobile users across the globe? How fascinating is it? A decade back, the app world was not at the surface level and we weren’t dependent on apps for anything. But, the times have changed and today apps are the part and parcel of our lives. From doing online shopping to booking a consultation with doctors, apps are our go-to option. Mobile apps boost brand recognition, establish strong customer relations, and increase customer loyalty.

If you are planning to launch your business mobile app, then you can either go for app development from the scratch or use a ready-to-use framework, known as a white label app. Business owners nowadays are investing in white-label app development solutions because it offers unparalleled convenience. It helps in launching mobile applications tailored to the client's needs in less time without breaking the bank. 

If you are new to the term ‘white label’ or want to know in detail about white-label development, then this blog is for you. Here we will guide you all about white-label apps in detail. Let’s dig into the details.

What Is A White Label Mobile App?

A white-label mobile app is basically an app built by third-party developers and is rebranded by a different company. The company can customize the app features per their business needs and make it under their own brand. The users can download the app directly from Google Playstores and App Stores.

Most of the white-label applications are specific to the industries and include a certain set of industry-based features. For example - an e-commerce app will include the checkout processes and search filters. A restaurant app will have features like - food orders, making a reservation, setting up delivery, and more.

Who Can Invest In White-Label Mobile Apps?

  • Businesses that want to cover a specific market area offer products or services.

  • Companies that function offline such as - beauty salons, gyms, taxi companies, and more.

  • Brands that don’t need complex functionalities.

  • Companies don’t want to go high on budget and want fast app development.

  • Startups that are new to the world of mobile apps.

Types of White Label App

Majorly, there are two types of white-label apps - single tenant and multi-tenant. Let’s read the details.

Single Tenant White Label App

In this type, there is the deployment of a singular copy of the product i.e. the backend code. Here, the client will get complete freedom to make changes in the design of the product. The main benefits of investing in this type are that it reduces the backend development and allows the client to redo the frontend code as per their brand needs.

Multi-Tenant White Label Apps

In this type, the entire mobile app solution is provided to the client i.e. frontend and backend code. Here, the client gets a limited scope at the front end to rebrand and match their brand identity. Though these codes are highly-functional they provide less scalability and customization options.

Benefits Of Investing In White-Label Apps

Let’s read about the amazing benefits of using white-label app development solutions.


We must admit that white-label or read-made business solutions take less time and are usually inexpensive compared to custom app development. Usually, to develop a custom app, you need to hire a team of developers, designers, and project managers, or you outsource a project to an app development company. The whole process gets really time-consuming and involves costs at several stages of development. White-label solutions allow businesses to make quick customizations and reduce the market time to reach that too at fewer costs.

Quick Penetration To Market

We are living in a world where if we miss an opportunity, the other one will take over in no time. Building a custom app requires several months or even a year to hit the market. But, that’s not the case with white-label apps. Since white-label is a quick and ready-made solution, the client can make quick customizations and reduce the time to hit the market.

Less Involvement in the Project Management Process

Believe it or not, choosing a custom app development requires much effort and understanding and managing the project. Plus, there is a lot of time invested in making custom apps. Gladly, using a pre-built mobile app can help you set free from these concerns and give you quick and verified solutions that cater to your business needs.

Maintenance and Complications Free

The best part of choosing a white-label app solution is that it frees you from any maintenance. The companies that provide white-label solutions to clients have a dedicated team of quality analysts and developers who keep constant track of how your app works. So, whenever you face any issue, it is solved by the team to ensure its flawless functioning.


White-label apps are a fail-proof strategy to enter the app market. However, if there is a wrong development approach, then you can land huge losses. So, you should always choose a reliable third-party vendor who can help in building your dream app in the right way.

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