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What Are the Tips For Mobile App Development In 2020?

By: Diksha | January 27,2020 |

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Mobile devices nowadays are becoming a dominant mode of communication. Whereas mobile apps are becoming an indispensable part of how we interact with technology, whether personal or the business. Creating a successful app for your business takes a lot of planning and structuring. To stand out from the crowd, you need in-depth research and expertise in mobile app development. A well-built app combines three aspects - user, market and the product itself. Now all these factors combined offer the users - unique value, great visibility, and good performance.

Let’s look at some of the tips for creating a leading app.

Identify Your Target Audience

The first thing to take into consideration is who will be using your app to make it successful. This helps you to check the business potential of your idea, as well as how to communicate with your target audience and how to communicate. You should narrow down your target audience, as larger the group is, the higher are the odds that there is something wrong with your idea.


What Is The Purpose Of Your App - While processing the mobile strategy, the purpose of your business stands vital. Also, take into account customer needs and your competitor’s apps to derive how can your app do better. You can choose to monetize your apps also by using various advertising-based business models.

Pick The Right Technology

Choosing the right technology is the core of any app development. The way an app is built also impacts its success. Nowadays it’s better to opt for technologies that build apps, that work on various platforms. It helps to reach out to a larger group of audience and the new advances in HTML 5 let you create a native app-like experience in the mobile browser. If you follow the hybrid approach for app development, you don’t have to write a different codebase for each platform. Instead, you have yo just write one and you can use it on all platforms.

Design A Simple And Intuitive UX/UI

Even the design of an app reflects the success of an app. Users nowadays prefer mobile apps that possess simple yet intuitive UX and UI. It also leads to better user acquisition and higher download numbers.

Third-Party Integrations

Providing third-party services, can enrich your app, increase user retention and improve the overall user experience. It is a better way to increase the credibility of your app. Integration with what people already use offers a familiar experience. Such integrations improve conversion and increase retention.

Testing Of Your App

All your efforts in the development process can go waste if you are not testing your app on each platform. Repetitive testing is the key to a successful app. Detecting out the glitches or the bugs by running the app through a variety of device simulators can help save you time and help exponentially to make your app a success by improving the user experience.

Analyze Your Competition

To understand how well your app to perform the revenue system, it becomes crucial that you study similar apps already available in the market. By doing this you can learn and study the various business models and eliminate the loopholes in your model. By analyzing this structure, you will have an idea of how you can position your app in the market & accordingly this helps you in deciding the price of the app.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing stands as a vital element in the development process. Creating a buzz before the launch of the app in the market is really important. Creating this situation of stimulation and speculation gets an overwhelming response at the time of launch. Offline as well as digital marketing, should ideally begin a month before the launch of the mobile app to create the buzz in the market.

Develop Your App As ASO And SEO Friendly

The App Store Optimization (ASO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) greatly depend on your app’s name too. 74% of the apps that rank at the top for high traffic keywords include the target keyword in their name, according to the Sensor Tower Notes. It also includes the keyword in the description but a keyword in the title, at times proves out to be a better option.

App Monetization Strategies

If you are developing a paid app, you will have to go for a premium model at least for a limited time period which will let the users know what are they about to pay for. When your app reaches out or targets the real-world problem, hit out on various QA forums and inform the concerned people how your app will help. Create a buzz about your app on social media platforms, let people talk about it.


These were some of the tips for successful mobile app development by Softuvo Solutions. With over 1 million apps in the major app stores, businesses all over the world have apprehended the importance of mobile apps. As a result, the application market has become increasingly competitive and businesses all over the world are finding it challenging to be discovered in a sea of competition.

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