01 Apr 2019

Web Development Trends You Can Expect In 2019

2019 is here, and this year promises to bring new initiative and modern innovations in the field of web development. With the constant change in the field of web development, more people are now realizing the importance to stay updated on these ever-changing web development trends.


Your website represents your business online and helps you stay ahead of the competition. Having a responsive website increase the chances of conversion and engage more audiences. The digital revolution continues to amaze us with new technologies and programs.

Want to know which are the latest web development trends to prevail in 2019? We have brief down the list of a few web development trends that are worth your attention this year. Let’s read out!

Intelligent chatbots

Also known as an intelligent agent, chatbots help the customers with intelligent answering abilities that are backed by instinctive sources. The chatbots are usually supported by artificial intelligence and help to clear the doubts and questions of the customers. Not only these help the customers in guiding about the services but also provide them with efficient solutions. Believe me, having chatbots on your website will definitely help in conversions and get your more popular worldwide.

Dedicated mobile friendly designs

In this age of modern digitalization, we tend to use smartphones. And, the simple reason for this is the ease of use. It is really important for developers to have relevant knowledge of designing websites for handheld devices. With mobile-friendly designs, the users get easy navigation in their systems and enjoy fantastic features.

User-interface and the hardware are different in mobile phones and desktops. More and more companies are adopting the strategy to increase the website marketability and start digital traffic.

Progressive Web App

Yes, Progressive Web Apps still ruling the charts of hottest web trends in 2019. These web applications load like the regular web pages but offer a high level of functionality. Regardless of the network state, they load instantly. They are built with progressive enhancement where the core webpage comes first.

No matter which browser the user is using, these work for everyone. And, this is because of enhancement as a core tenet. Not just that, they also offer responsiveness which is must to reach out to the maximum people. Push notifications can further make the engagement a lot easier and navigable for the user.

With progressive web apps, users get independent, instant, and reliable experience without cache issues. These are safe to use as they are served via HTTP to avert data tempering and content snooping.

Above all,  these apps are installable, user-friendly, and hassle-free which further enhances the existing web technologies. These can also be re-engaged and shared via URL with push notifications.


Well, Blockchain technology has been relevant since long and is still ruling the web development trends. Yes, some users have trust issues with blockchain due to the unstable cryptocurrency exchange rates, and we cannot deny that fact. Blockchain originated from the desktop realm but is quickly expanding to web technologies.

Today, the blockchain wallets have been shifted from the native apps to web apps. They offer improved ease of use and are perfect for storing small cryptocurrency amounts. As we all know, the popularity of web wallets continue to rise, you should consider this sphere of apps.

What more? Decentralized apps are another implementation of the blockchain. The unique feature of these apps is it allows the server-database logic to store in the blockchain. As a result, there is no authority controlling the applications. These apps which were initially built natively are now moving to the web.

Motion UI

With the increase in the popularity of web design, Motion UI is still trending this year as well. The major reason for its popularity is amazing animation, dynamic graphics, and the real impacts on the usability. This allows the developers to showcase their ability to communicate with the viewer using a variety of techniques and tools.

Motion UI is a sustainable library which allows the seamless transition on the user interface. Not just that, it is one of the most rapidly growing libraries as it enables the developers to animate the content easily without having a solid foundation of jQuery library or JavaScript.


Every day we see cases of cyber threats, data breaches, data theft, and data hacking, and these are terrible menace which lurks on the darkest shadows of the technological advancements. And, trust me, 2019 will be no different. Cybersecurity is not disappearing any soon.

Cybersecurity basically is the protection of systems against service disruption, thefts, misdirection as well as software, hardware, or electronic damages. The IT security experts envisage that the cybercriminals won’t stop looking for victims and the vulnerabilities. Keeping that in mind, the companies need to strengthen their security systems to protect the servers, private info, and databases. The nee for tenacious solutions is necessary to batter the cyber challenges of the contemporary world.

The more the data processed by the web app processes, the more attractive it looks for the cybercriminals. The main aim of cybercriminals is to steal the user’s data and spoil their services. And, doing this, can lead to cause in harm to your reputation and ultimately cost you a lot.

If you are really looking forward to keeping your data safe, then you can follow these tips listed below.

Don’t neglect security testing

One simply cannot ignore this step. Security testing is usually done during the development stage and helps to prevent data leakage. The change in your web a[[ should be explicitly tested before the final use.

Use website monitoring tools

The algorithm can not only monitor the requests but also quantify and detect suspicious activities. You will get a timely notification which further enables the team to protect and react to the web app.

Carefully select third-party services

As we all know, SaaS software is becoming more popular as it allows app development quickly and more efficiently. All you need to ensure is the service provider you choose is trustworthy.

Encrypt sensitive data

You can need to make sure your web apps encrypt to sensitive data. Even if cyber cybercriminal so steals the information, they won’t get anything. This ensures enhanced safety to your web page and apps.

Static website generators

You must be familiar with the term static web generators. If not, then you should be aware of the details as this trend is surely going to be reflected on most of the websites in 2019.

The static website generators allow you to develop a website with the plain texts which are usually stored in the files. In most cases, these websites are built using the generators which gives you a better advantage of safety, loading speed, and easy traffic handling. The websites built through these generators are user-friendly which is important for the audience engagement.

Not just that, many developers have started believing that the static website generators will be a breakthrough when it comes to web development.

Internet of things

So, what are the devices you use to access the Internet? Most commonly used devices are smartphones and laptops. However, today, there are many devices that can easily be connected to the Internet.

You can find lots of devices that are equipped with screens. The web apps are optimized for refrigerators, smart-watches, smart speakers, and more and can easily gain popularity.

The businesses need to understand that mobile friendliness is not an option anymore, its a must. In 2019, we look forward to the adaption of web applications for tiny screens.

Evolution in web designing

What else you gonna see this year is the web designing field continues to grow. 2019 is going to experience new changes in the field of web designing and more. Let’s have a look at some of the prominent features which the users are likely to witness this year:

* More prominent and bolder typography is becoming popular when it comes to web designing.

* Now, more people tend to engage in the content which seems to be convincing and provides you with relevant information. You will also witness illustrations and videos that give a better insight to the users and are more likely to become popular.

* Interfaces based on movement will get more popular.

The web development industry is growing at a great pace, and it is our job to keep in touch with the upcoming design trends, frameworks, and mobile web development to satisfy the expectations of the users.

So, no matter which project you will be working in 2019, you need to be well-versed with these current web development trends. Incorporate them into your business strategy and keep your business game on top.