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Trends That Are Likely To Reshape Web Development Landscape In 2017

By: Diksha | June 12,2017 |

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The life of web developers is thrilling. They are actually the ones getting a lot to explore. In today’s fast paced world wherein technology is evolving rapidly, web developers never run short of new things to learn. A web developer has to stay updated about the latest trends to grow in life.

To help you lead as a web developer, we are here with some trends that are expected to rule the web development arena this year:

  • Developers likely to develop apps and websites using Artificial Intelligence: Yes, you have read it right. With the tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft have already revealed their AI technology that will be open for public use soon, AI has gained a lot of spotlight. Some huge applications are already using AI technology. As soon as developers will get access to the tools required for AI development, we can expect them start using this smart technology in unique and innovative ways.

  • Internet Of Things (IOT): The Internet of Things is the next big thing you will probably come across in 2017. This is basically a movement where in the things or objects that aren’t linked to internet at all get the network connectivity to send and receive data. Though developers aren’t going to develop such objects, they are likely to develop applications that use, analyze and display the data of such devices.

  • Virtual Reality Technologies likely to be used in app development: The year 2017 is going to bring virtual reality into the mainstream. The future of technology has definitely something to do with virtual reality or VR. This trend has already started ruling the gaming industry, with tech companies like Google and Mozilla already working on APIs to help VR technology transition to the web. This clearly indicates that we could expect development of more applications using VR technologies.

  • Angular 2: Angular 2 is a rich package of everything that needed to robust data management, HTTP services, and non-code-dependent development features as well. No matter it is a progressive web app or a desktop app, this rich package will help you deliver engaging experiences for end users.

  • Ruby on Rails 5: Released in last June, Rails 5 is undoubtedly something you are going to come across a lot in 2017. The task of building a modern web application isn’t easy at all. But, Ruby on Rails makes this tough task quite easier.

Nothing stays stagnant on web for long. With the technology evolving at a fast pace, this year is expected to bring along interesting developments. Let’s see what it holds in store for us.

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