With the emerging technologies and applications, bottlenecks in web development are being removed even efficiently. Ever-evolving technologies and attitude can help business to grow in highly competitive marketplace. To accelerate business and posses survival in long run, it is necessary to recognize potential of latest technologies.

1. Artificial Intelligence eliminating Communication Barriers In website development, implementing the right technology for end-user has always been the major player. Statistical approach utilized by AI can offer consumer experience beyond expectations by predicting perspective of end-users. Also, Chat Bots implementation within websites can eliminate the communication barriers and enhances results by understanding emotions. Machine learning, a branch of AI enables adaptation of user’s habits, preferences and idiosyncrasies over time to improve search results and rich user experiences. 2. HTML 5 removing issue of Flash Declines To make the websites look attractive, animations and graphics are the major need of sites. But Flash, also determined as SEO killer, is finally abandoned by Google as recently it tied its knot with HTML 5 web development language for offering capability of developing high-end animations and graphics to web developers and it also run on vast majority of computer systems. HTML is ca[able of porting over existing Flash element using Animate CC. With the highly efficient user-interface Web Designer tools it is even easy to develop high-quality user-friendly graphics to offer consumers with rich experience.

3. Internet of Thing (IoT) flourishing Network Connectivity Even though IoT is not directly linked to web development but the wide range of applications offered by IoT is capable of changing the future of web development as web development firms are dependent on data collection, data analysis and data representation using IoT enabled devices, it will be safe to state that it would be a highly influencing technology over web development.

4. Big Data removing confined user-reach ‘Data driven’ is an intriguing term, delivering best user experience by taking a scientific approach towards web development as it is not restricted to visual appeal and functionality only. With the advantage like “Heat Map analysis” it becomes easy for web developers to improve the chances of making visitors familiar to your business logos by keeping the SEO friendly content. It offers built-in testing environment which is useful to developers rather than users and boosts conversions up to 300% and makes it sound even fascinating.

5. Illustration for enhancing attractiveness and visualization of Websites Majority of web developers are moving forward with the implementation of attractive and user-friendly graphics to provide plenty of illustrations over websites and eliminate the use of flat and minimalism designs. Personalization of websites and effective message conveyance demands abundant use of illustrations. Also, modular designs are there to keep the websites easily accessible and cleaned by offering ripple effect and dividing edges of the blocks upon hovering.

Web development involves achieving final product as expected by users in terms of usability and satisfaction, which can make it deliberately difficult to keep it up to date with sound visuals and technologies.


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