30 May 2018

A WALK TO Build an MVP

You have an Idea that you looking to build but not sure will it succeed to win the target audience?

Don’t worry We Softuvo here to provide consultancy; The herein, will guide you on the stepping of building MVP



You have Idea? Oh wow! That sounds good – But do you have ever thought, ‘which problem you going to solve with your idea’ & for whom?


The very essential & first step of successful product development is evaluating its business idea by defining target audience.


To get the solution for your idea, do ask two question from yourself


Why do I need this product?

How it can bring ease to your target market?


Answering these two question will going to assist main mission of your idea & to bring the product that can served to many!



Are you looking to build a product which already occupied the major target audience? Have you ever thought to analyze your competitor?


If not, never ever ignore the giants that are available whatsoever the uniqueness you have in your idea it will get fade! Don’t make a blank move; so do analyze how much low asset model you can design as compare your competitor. Low asset model is something that itself a topic in it! Will write on it in my coming blogs.


Competitor analysis is must to do no matter what it takes; take help from the online tools that can save your plenty of time get some awareness about their moves, how much traffic they have, what’s the cause people are using their product, Target audience and region of their user base and many other that can help you to determine your plannings.



Now after analysis you are pretty good to go on building product that can bring ease to market! But do you ever thought about its user-friendly experience?


Yes, the user-navigational experience is counted next most important factor to retain your user interest to explore more with ease under the application features.


To do so define the user flow & user stages; to make it done is quite easy as we need to introduce key features of the application that can bring the overall core strength of the product in its first go.



Build, Test, Publish & Learn


To build, check your budget, check technology you going to use!


To Test & Publish, make it completely done so user can enjoy the function without any crash or Bug for the beta release


To Learn, the next big move is learn! Yes you heard right; you need to learn the user interest & prioritizing the function that offered



Always analyze what your users expects

How user can take benefits from your product & how to prioritize the function!

Never hesitate to ask, what your user expects for the improvements


To Conclude

The prototyping only aims at solving users problems by your solution, by recognizing the main areas and then prioritizing the for offering for published solutions. All you need is analysis with triple ‘D’ (Define, Design, Develop) & Testing. Consult Softuvo For your Idea!