31 May 2019

Why Voice Search Will Dominate SEO In 2019?

The search engine technology has witnessed a lot of evolution over the past few years. The series of updates Google has done not only enhanced the search results but also help in adopting new technologies such as voice search and mobile sites. Considering the recent stats, more than 30% of users use voice search to ask their queries.

But, hey! What exactly is voice search technology?

Voice search simply means the searches you perform using your voice. For example – when you ask Google assistant or Siri – which is the top Chinese restaurant nearby? You will get a list of top restaurants nearby with other details. Isn’t that easy? You don’t have to type anything, you will get instant answers with your voice command. Surely an innovation in technology!

Yes! voice search will definitely impact on SEO. The main focus of SEO is to rank the websites to provide users with the best information. And, voice searches make it more optimized and quick. Also, it enhances the user experience by providing them with easier results.

Now, the main question is –

How to optimize voice search for your business?


Considering the increasing trend of voice search, optimizing the voice search to your website will help you gain more traffic. Below, we will guide you with a few effective ways that can help in optimizing your website with voice search. Let’s read the details!

Identify the purpose

The first and foremost thing is to understand your audience. Which category of people is using the voice search feature? Based on a few researches, both adults and teens rely on voice searches to get directions or check the movie times.

One of the most important business strategies should be to list your business on Google My Business. Yes, you read it right! If you want your business to show up on local search results, then it is vital to get yourself listed. This works best in the location-based voice searches as it will help in popping your business out first.

Make more use of Question phrases

While framing content for voice search, you must use terms which the user is most likely to utter. Keeping these phrases short and simple will be best. Question phrases are the most common voices searches using phrases like – what, how, who, where, and when questions.

You can also frame question and answer format on the pages targeted for voice searches. For your knowledge, Google prefers the pages which answer the questions and features them on top pages. Answering a question or addressing the need of a question is an excellent way to generate traffic for both voice search and web-based queries. For this, you can also create feature snippet or quick answer boxes, and optimize the content accordingly. Having a content which is responding to the queries of the users will automatically boost the traffic.

User and Mobile-friendliness

User-friendliness is the top priority of businesses, and with the dominating searches of mobile users, having a mobile-friendly design is really important. The mobile users want a site which is easy to navigate and accessible on mobile. If you want to bounce your rankings and make the users last longer on the website, then ensure you do the needful.

Optimize the Local SEO

Local SEO is a rapidly growing number of businesses. Coming to voice searches, more people search for local businesses and establishments. Optimizing your business for voice searches will make you stand out among the competitors. With the question-based queries and geotagging, make sure you update with Google My Business.

Why Voice Search Will Dominate The SEO in 2019?

The voice search is increasing its graph by becoming dominant in SEO. The following predictions will make this scenario more clear. Let’s read the details!

Content needs to cater to customers

Speaking of the content in this era of voice search, it needs to be optimized for the customers. The days are gone when keyword-stuffed content was prevalent, now it is important to focus on customers.

When the customer engages with the content you are sharing, it automatically increases your brand value. Answering FAQ’s is the best way to gain user attention. Also, make sure you use plain language in your content which is easily understood by the user.

Semantic search will become important

We all know, Google relies on various factors like – keywords, patterns of search or previous searches to deliver search-based results. This information helps Google to provide user-specific content.

Semantic search is basically a new way of saying that Google is getting a better understanding of what people are searching for. Before the invention of semantic search, the searches were made on keywords. But, now people have become more conversational with the searches, they use platforms like – voice searches to get instant information. The audience is becoming smart and so should you!

Massive access

One of the biggest reasons why voice search is getting more popular is the massive reach. Even a blind person can easily access the information in just one voice command. Isn’t it a big revolution in technology? It certainly is! By making your website voice-search friendly, you are sure to get better access to technology and people.

Enhanced productivity

We all know speaking is faster than typing. Instead of using the keyboard to search for the answers, you can switch to the speech. This will not only save time but also increase your business productivity. In the long run, these changes will play a significant role in your business success.


Voice search is an innovative addition to the SEO field. No doubt, old SEO techniques have their own set of results. You cannot skip that part while creating the website. Voice search might change the technique of SEO optimization but it will not kill the functionality of old SEO.

If you want to stand out among the competitors, then you must focus on the voice searches for your business. Don’t know the right strategy to do so? Well, we will help you in doing so. Drop us a message below!