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Valentine's Day Marketing: 8 Strategies to Boost E-commerce Sales

By: Diksha | February 05,2020 |

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With New Year in full swing, the first shopping holiday of the year is commencing rapidly - Valentine’s Day - The global day of Love and Romance. A celebration of love and commitment, wherein people all over the world are willing to spend big to display their affection. The National Federation of Retail for 2019 estimates that Valentine’s Day shoppers spend about $19.6 billion in total on their special ones in the U.S. In addition to the traditional gifts in the market such as a box of chocolates or flowers, people these days also splurge on a wide range of products for this romantic day, from fashion products to pets! And this becomes the very opportunity for retailers.

A lavish dinner out, candy and flowers rank among the top most popular gifts for this special day. However, more and more consumers these days prefer to shop online rather than spend hours wandering around malls in order to pick the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Thus, February 14th is around the corner, it’s high time to “UP” your marketing strategy.

Here are some useful tips to attract new buyers and capitalize on this day!

Add A Romantic Vibe To Your Store Front

This is one of the all-time things that store owners do think of during the holiday season. Create some eye-catching decorative designs by creating a welcome coupon pop-up, a banner on a homepage slides, or, a themed gift guide. You can also impress customers with a catchy Valentine’s image and an enchanting message. Exhibiting your products to potential customers by encouraging them to think of all of the special people in their lives that might enjoy Valentine’s Day treat.

Create Alluring Email Campaigns

You can develop efficient email marketing campaigns to draw in your target audience and assist them with suggestions. You can also include a valentine’s Day Gift Guide in your eCommerce marketing strategies that can entice consumers to your site and eliminate the struggle of scouring the web in search of the ideal present. Create specific promotions to attract more business and be sure to promote these discounts and freebies through your email campaigns leading up to the big day. You should create a custom email template, add a compelling subject line to it and say a few kind words to your recipients. A little heartwarming note will spread the holiday cheer in the best way. Don’t forget to offer a special deal or a discount on your message

Facilitate This Holiday e-Gift Card Buttons

During Valentine’s day shoppers usually browse through various websites to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, friends, and family. So why not let the shoppers to directly send the products to their loved-ones with an e-Gift card?
With this technique, you are allowing your shoppers to make the shopping easier for the gift senders, so they are able to rapidly send the gift to their friends in a couple of clicks.

Offer Daily Deals And Time-Sensitive Offers

When shoppers visit your site, it is recommended that you generate an “urgency” to prompt them to make purchases immediately. Now how do you create this urgency? You should offer your visitors a special Valentine promotion with a countdown timer, as online shoppers are usually urged to make an instant purchase if they have a limited time to qualify for a sale or a special offer. Flash sales and time-limited promotions can be extremely helpful during this occasion.

Diversify Your Selling Procedure

Majority of the shoppers are expected to buy gifts from Amazon. This becomes the very basic point then to ensure you are using online marketplaces to sell your products and services which helps you expand and grow your audience. You can work on your strategies by -

  • Making consumers your brand advocates
  • Specializing in a niche, then branch out
  • Start locally, grow globally
  • Set up payment systems according to a region’s preference
  • Aim to win ‘Buy Box’ or ‘Lightning Deal’ status, etc.

Using technology such as ‘Where to Buy’ technology ensures your marketing efforts are totally on point as you get access to real-time marketing and sales performance insights – reducing the reliance on third-party retailers to provide sales data.

Romanticize Your Social Media!

Create fun campaigns on social media to drive people to your website. Engage your consumers by setting up polls, add trendy hashtags to your content to gain the popularity. Go about any contests for building both brand awareness and engagement.

Offer Gift Wrapping Services

An attractive cover over your loved one’s gifts entices your consumers more. On top of this, it turns out to provides a great shopping experience and get additional revenue. By enabling the gift wrapping strategy, you are not only enhancing your customer service but also increase the average order value. Adding a personalized note or gift card encourages the customers to appreciate your services.

Promoting Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated for couples only, and if you are neglecting single people, you’re alienating nearly half of your available market. Many eCommerce marketing strategies include a special segment designed particularly for singles with taglines like “Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day.” For this type of promotion, you can design a separate gift guide that includes items people might be interested in purchasing for themselves — for example, beauty or personal care products.


Holiday season or the season of love provides an outstanding opportunity for all you eCommerce retailers to increase their profits. If handled and executed properly these marketing campaigns can bring in new customers and turn the existing ones into true brand ambassadors. We hope that our suggestions and cost-effective give a boost to your holiday campaign, this Valentine’s Day.

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