By: Diksha | October 17,2018
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If you’re a writer then freelancing is the best way to become financially independent. Because being freelance writer can give you exposure to the businesses and companies both offline and online. But sometimes, being a freelancer can be boring or tiring since you’re a one-man business involved in a lot of things. But you can make it fascinating and less tiring with some useful resources. Trust me these tools are going to save your day.

Purdue Writing lab:

What if I tell you that there is an awesome lab which offers you a series of informational articles and books with correct grammar and sentence forming. You know as a freelance writer, you can never have enough material for writing. But Purdue writing lab is all about that which offers you everything related to writing. It will enhance your writing style and will also update your know-how regarding writing effortlessly.

Grammar and writing guide:

Wrong grammar or some silly mistakes can have big impact over your overall content creation. If you’re not using the correct writing style or grammar, it will overshadow your all efforts. You can overcome this issue is to refer to grammar guide as it can help you use the correct grammar. You will see drastic improvement in your writing with the use of grammar guide. Or you can go for online version of J.K Strunk’s The Elements of style which can help you write effectively and convincingly. Improve you writing style and see enhancements in no small measures. There is another tool available online named as grammar girl, which is a go-to website. It contains resources and materials on the correct use of grammar. Most amazing feature of this website is that they use humour and everyday examples to make it even easy to catch.

Business books:

Freelancing is the ultimate way to escape 9-5 but it doesn’t always work out. Some books like The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris or The E-myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work which gives deep insight about reasons behind failed business. The authors also shared some tips and secrets on making it work ad trust me they’re worth reading. There are various identified issues and solutions to them as well. You can increase your productivity which will help you earn more and work less.

Latest industry news and trends:

Content marketing revolve around social media and inbound marketing, which means you must be familiar to latest industry news and trends. There are various go-to websites like “content institute”, “B2B marketing” or “marketing profs” etc which offer blogs and articles related to anything required for effective content creation.

Those are some effective and useful resources which will enhance your content creation and will ensure that you don’t lose track of your aims as a freelance writer.


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