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Trends To Watch In Mobile App Development In 2017!!

By: Diksha | July 14,2017 |

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2017 is a promising year for entrepreneurs and small business owners as the business world is in the middle of a digital transformation. With the onset of modern business technology, small businesses have got the opportunity to build enterprise-quality, low-cost, products and services.

These days there are a lot of ways including ecommerce, Internet marketing, and social media to empower your business to successfully reach out the prospects and existing customers across the world. Mobile applications are revolutionary transforming the tech world today, as a wider audience is getting engaged through Mobile phones with each other.

To grow your business no matter which industry you belong to, you need to have a website and most importantly a good mobile app.

We are here with the trends to watch in mobile app development this year,

  • Mobile Payment Integration through App: Over the past some years, mobile payments have quickly evolved, with a lot of recognizable brands and promising startups entering into this industry to enhance technology and deliver what businesses and consumers seek in the services and apps that allow them to make payments using their smartphones.

  • Wearable Technology: Mobile apps are improving the user experience in a highly creative way. Technology giants such as Google, Apple are setting a mark in wearable technology. This is a trend that’s going to make rounds everywhere in the coming time.

  • Interactive Push Notification: Push notifications is going to be a highly common thing in the coming time. With this feature, companies can reach out their customers easily with short and simple messages even without needing them to open the application. This feature allows users to take actions such as responding to a message, evening without tuning on the app, thereby, proving a time savior.

  • Fully Safe Apps: With technology advancement, hackers are going to switch to mobility. Hackers with their unethical activities have already affected the network of online applications such as data breaching. Data security will be the main priority for the app developers to alleviate the risk of data and information leakage. Mobile app developers will prioritize the security of the apps.

You are definitely going to see these trends in this year. So, if you are planning to get mobile apps developed for your business, ensure you join hands with an excellent and technologically-advanced company like Softuvo Solutions for best results.

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