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Top 8 Social Media Trends To Put In Practice In 2019

By: Diksha | April 22,2019 |

4 min read

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Social media is growing rapidly, and every year there are new social media trends. As an entrepreneur, you need to have a solid strategy when it comes to social media. Simply putting a business profile to people is of no use, until or unless you make effective use of each. So, if you are looking forward to staying ahead of the curve and present your customers with something new, then you need to make the most of your content distribution efforts. Wondering, how? Here is a list of a few social media trends you need to put in practice in 2019 to stand out from your competitors.

➤ User-Generated Content

Now, what exactly is the user-generated content and how the businesses can make their efficient use? Well, it is the content which is created by the unpaid fans of businesses which can be used to promote products. It can be in any form of videos or photos. People believe in reality! Simply saying that the product is different will not generate sales. The customers want to know the ground of the products or services. Many businesses take the help of bloggers to sell their products and services, and this is because people want to know how things are being used in real situations. For example - YouTubers are playing a big role in social media marketing. These are also known as influencer marketing, one of the best social media trends, which attracts users to buy products or use services.

➤ Videos

Well, videos continue to dominate social media and prove to be one of the effective social media trends. Whether they are stories, live videos, or video contents, more and more businesses are making efficient use of videos. By making a strong social media presence on various social networking platforms will make it easier to offer a personalized customer experience. People love learning from visuals and interacting through videos is a great medium to do the work.

➤ Segment Your Social Audiences

While there are brands that talk about their audiences and customers, but the truth is that most businesses have a different set of audiences. So, what is segmentation? Well, it is the process of organizing your audience in a different set of groups. Social media is a great platform when you segment your audiences, and this further allows you to group the right people at the right time. Making assumptions about your audience can actually limit them all together with your ability to reach more people. So, instead of making assumptions it is better to know your audience. Understand about their preferences and accordingly present them with the right kind of campaigns. This will also allow you to adjust your narratives and messaging to fit in each segment.

➤ Augmented Reality

Considering the latest graphs, augmented reality is already being executed in small ways. But, it will surely leave a lasting impression that will last well into the future. Not just that, it has been estimated that virtual reality and augmented reality markets will make great profits in the near future.

For example - snap chat filters are taking up by a storm. This also allows people to create their own filters. When doing social media marketing, one needs to understand how to take full advantage of these features as these will continue to prevail in the future. Not just that it will make more personalize interactions and further allow the managers to take full advantage of the feature.

➤ Messenger Apps and Chatbots

Just like the videos, messengers apps is a great channel to reach businesses and vice-versa. We all are aware of the fact that how easy it is to reach out to people with Facebook Messenger. And, with the added feature of video and audio calling has further added to the easy interactions. From a business point of view, people who are on Facebook can ask their queries and discuss their concerns simply by typing messages on Facebook. Another thing that happens on apps like Facebook is if the customer visits the business page and they show some interest in the product, you can easily reach out them with the help of chatbots.  Yes, the marketers can initiate the conversation and ultimately derive sales from the customers. Isn’t it a great way to reach out to your prospective clients? It certainly is!

➤ The Instagram Stories Feature Isn't Slowing Down.

We all love posting stuff on Instagram, don’t we? Well, this social media trend is quite popular among people and is continue to be there for a while. People are constantly updating their profile and keep their followers engaged. In some case, it may also increase the followers. It is in a way a great way to tell your audience your side of the story and attract them.

Now, the main question here is what exactly makes these stories a valuable feature? We all know, Instagram has copied this feature from the Snapchat but the popularity of Instagram is more than the latter. Well, this is clearly because of more following of Instagram. You can share videos, pictures, thoughts on these stories and give the audience a glimpse of your brand. Also, this is free, you can post as much as you want. Happy posting!

➤ Analytics Dashboards Become More Important

Every business must know the value of great dynamics. Nobody has that much time to check out the dynamics, but there are a few tools that can help to manage these figures. If you want to reach the right symmetric in business, then you need to follow this social media trend to stay ahead of your competitors. Using these dashboards, you can keep track of all the new features, updates, and other important details.

➤ Integrating Social Networks Into Customer Service Operations

Well, more and more companies have now taken the road to provide customers with full customer support. This hugely helps the businesses to grow and build trust among the customers. Thanks to social media, you can offer customers with abundant communication channels which help the businesses to provide reliable customer care services quickly and more efficiently.

Yes, it is fun to anticipate what people will love about social media next? But, certainly, these social media trends have a long way to go in 2019. Social media offers transparency to the customers and offers a win-win situation for the businesses. So, ahead and make the most of it!


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