Ever wonder why brands work hard to get good/positive reviews? The internet and online reviews have reduced the barriers for end-consumers to increase the speed of spreading complaints and bad reviews. Being prepared to tackle bad reviews and complaints of users can reduce the impact of negative reviews over their business. With dozens of reviews sites, you need to always be prepared for tackling such situations. There are some tips for you to manage  online reputation of your business.

Maintaining positive and professional presence

For having a positive reputation, you must have online presence. With the basic established, first thing you need to do is take action against anything damaging your online reputation. Whenever you find anything damaging your online reputation, you should take immediate action against it. Also, regularly review you profile and delete unwanted and inappropriate posts or photos before they put your reputation on risk.

Check your online reputation periodically

Most simple way to review whether your online reputation is positive or negative, you should do a Google search of your practice name. Scan through the search results of page one and two. What do you see? Some news article, post or comment about your business? If it’s positive than you’re doing it right and if not and than you must do what’s right. If you see any negative review or post about your business on page then you got nothing to worry about. mostly page one or two of search results which gets traffic. Your major goal should be having only positive reviews, comments, posts and articles, mostly over search result page one and two which can have help you manage online reputation of your business.

Claim your business on local sites

Consumers look for variety of places online for business information online. Make sure you claim your business on several platforms including Glassdoor, Angie’s list, Yelp, Citysearch, yellow pages etc. Claiming the business will give you the authority to modify/edit the information over the listing and also represents your presence and manage online reputation.

Manage your company and individual accounts as well

Having a social media account is not sufficient, you must also have an active website which redirects users to the official homepage of your website. You can offer the information on your website accordingly which helps you to create an audience base. You should invest the time in establishing interaction for increasing engagement and influence scores. Company accounts are must if you want to establish a strong presence. And when you establish company’s identity successfully, you should strongly associate it with founders, owners and key executives.

Mostly, curate and monitor

It might seem like a one-time task but it’s not. You have to keep track of your image. One must keep track whether you’re findable or your brand fit with your target audience/organization. You can have Google alerts to monitor your Google identity. You must make use of tools like OnlineID calculator to measure the consistency of your personal brand.

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