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Tips to Curate Content Marketing

By: Diksha | October 07,2018 |

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Content Marketing is the new buzzword in the digital marketing landscape. While 76% of marketers in the US plan to increase their use of content marketing, many marketers in India still have questions surrounding the craft. Many content marketers are not happy with the results of their efforts. In some cases, their efforts are not generating enough leads and in many cases, their campaigns are not converting as much as they would like. Only 22% of businesses are happy with their conversion rates

Let me share some tips with you to curate your content strategy for significant impact-

  1. Deconstructing content marketing

Sales meant being entangled in a price war, spending more time trying to convince a potential buyer about the product’s features than actually proposing ideas and solutions. Content marketing is a marketing technique, of a strategic nature, that is targeted at the consistent creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and useful content with the intentions of acquiring new leads and cultivating them until they procure our services or products or both.

  1. Identify building blocks

The formula above helps you to identify the building blocks which I refer to as the 3 important pillars of Content Marketing. They are Content, Content Creation, and Content Distribution. Building blocks will also help you clarify the objectives that must be pursued with your strategies. Your objectives should at least include following-

  • For attracting more number of visitors with your content
  • To improve the percentage of visitors retained.
  • To increase the revenue from customers by engaging them with your content.
  1. Identify strategies and sub-strategies

It is a standard practice in strategic management to break a strategy down into smaller chunks. If you try to break down your content marketing strategy you would end up with 3 sub-strategies. Each is related to the corresponding building block already identified from our formula. They can be identified as:

  • First is, Content strategy
  • Next is, Content creation strategy
  • And the last is, Content distribution strategy
  1. Revive your content creation ad distribution strategy

Check out your metrics and find out what the problems are. The reason for your strategy not achieving your goals could well be because your readers or visitors do not find your content valuable and engaging enough. In this case, you have to start researching and writing informative and useful articles that focus on the pain-points of your audience. This can help you to engage them better.

You may not be distributing your content widely enough.In this case, you should look at expanding your coverage by using more channels for distribution. You can decide to use social influencers.

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