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Tips For Better E-Commerce Website Design

By: Diksha | October 03,2018 |

4 min read

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Designing an eCommerce website can be a complicated process as various aspects are associated with it. We need to consider the easy usability along with flexible functions to be added in the website. There is wide range of factors which are needed to be considered while designing and developing a website. It requires to be attractive yet equipped with all the important features to target the maximum audience. Let me aware you about the various factors that need to be considered while developing eCommerce website-

  1. Optimal performance of website

According to studies, 57% of users do not proceed further when the website takes longer than expected to respond. Optimal performance of the website should be the main concern of the developers. If the website is not loading faster and smoothly then chances are users will quit surfing website any further. To optimize the performance, you can remove the heavy images with smaller sized pictures. Make the loading smooth and try providing your users with rich user experience.

  1. Security parameters

It is important to take your users under confidence that they are surfing a secured website. Majority of users are still afraid of divulging their personal details online. By enforcing required security parameters and complying PCI standards can help you attain more users.

  1. Easy to locate website

eCommerce websites can have large variety of products. It is an advantage to the users that they can choose from a large pool of available product. But sometime it becomes difficult for the users to locate the exact product they need. You need to have all the filters and sorting arrangement to make it easy for the users to locate the exact product they are looking for.

  1. Contact details

Main issue with the ecommerce websites is that they ask users to login before surfing for the product. And it is nothing but an overhead if they don’t find the product they are looking for. Do yourself a favour and allow your customers to browse your products as guests. First win their trust and then earn their loyalty for you.

  1. Responsive design

Users are surfing internet on different devices with different screen sizes, mostly on the mobile phones. You are expected to develop a responsive website which works just fine with the different devices and screen sizes.

By designing your E-commerce website in a perfect manner, you can easily target your audience and increase your sales to stay ahead of your competitors.


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