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The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Site Speed Optimization

By: Diksha | April 16,2019 |

4 min read

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The mobile industry is expanding at a rapid pace and people look forward to getting an enhanced user experience. With lightning fast internet connections and excellent network standards, mobile audiences are growing. Mobile optimization plays a vital role in engaging the audiences and providing them with a mobile-friendly interface. Mobile sites can hugely affect the performance of mobile devices. There are various tools for checking the performance of the sites. Companies should keep a check of the performance by using these tools. One of the most common queries among people is how to increase mobile site speed optimization? Relax! We will guide you with a few tried and tested tips which can help to increase the mobile website speed. Want to know the details? Read on!

Make use of accelerated mobile pages

Good news! All those who are looking forward to getting mobile site optimization should make use of accelerated mobile pages for open and faster mobile web. You know why? Well, these accelerated pages help to display the content really fast and easily control the way the content feels and looks. Also, it has been observed that mobile sites which use HTML AMP codes and further helps in minimizing the bounce rates by curbing the search engine load times.

Configured CDN

When you search online, the first concerns you have is speed and accessibility of the site. One of the great ways to boost up your SEO efforts is by content caching which is done by leveraging the content delivery network. Basically, CDN is the collection of servers spreading the cache website content dynamically. With CDN, you can deliver the content using the server closet with ease. Now, this will help to minimize the latency which further helps to reduce the shorter distances.

But, how will you configure CDN? Let’s read the details!

  • Simply sign up with the CDN provider and add the details to your website.
  • The next step is to change the DNS settings to route the website traffic. Then, update the record and save the required settings.
  • Once the record operation is done, you will start routing the traffic to your site. Simple, isn’t it?
Having the CDN in place will surely improve the site’s functioning and load time. Thereby, enhancing the user experience.

Use responsive designs

As per Google’s recommendations, mobile responsive design is recommended. Also, optimized mobile sites rank higher than the usual ones. Not just that there are many more benefits of making responsive web designs.
  • Controls the high bounce rates ( which are also used by Google to lower the rankings.
  • The links are directed to a single domain which may lead to better search rankings.
  • The design should focus on enhancing the user experience and turning the viewers to potential users.

Apart from this, you need to look at the different ways to speed up the responsive design:

  • Make use of adaptive images which can resize itself a change as per the screen size. Doing this will decrease the necessity for loading the images and load the site quickly without any interruption.
  • Use conditional loading which is used to stop different types of content such as - maps, images, social widgets, and more.
  • Prefer a single URL and reduce m-dot redirection.

Improve the site structure and enhance user experience

One of the most crucial things to consider when doing mobile site speed optimization is to improve the site structure. Keep in mind a good user experience higher rankings. If your site is not structured properly, then it will take more time to load. This means there will be bad user experience.

Wondering, how to improve the site structure? Let’s read!

  • The first thing to do is to plan your site and make it logical.
  • Next, use searchable keywords while naming the categories.
  • Have a user-friendly URL structure.
  • Add site links to increase brand reputation.
Improving the site structure will enhance the user experience and further enhance the mobile site speed.

Use sitemaps and GWT for better crawlability

Well, your site rankings would depend on the tiny bots of working continuously through the site and analyzing and ranking the content based on the search engine optimization factors. Below is a list of a few factors which can help to speed up your website:
  • Ensure you create sitemaps to be sure of avoiding duplicate content. The sitemaps are useful and help in providing Google with the metadata about different types of content - mobile content, images, and videos.
  • Keep updating the content on Google crawl and use new content.
  • Don’t forget to provide HTTPS-secured sites and reliable servers as and when used.

Use Touch Events and Ajax in place of click events

Nobody likes to click on a resource and then wait for another tab to load. So, what you can do is use touch events. These support simultaneous touches at different locations. When applied on buttons, these can drastically reduce the load time and further enhance the user experience. Ajax is also recommended by many to improve the mobile site speed. It allows the data to fetch directly without having to refresh the page in which code is running.

Optimize client-side processing

The client-side processing can be reduced due to less memory and slower CPUs. And, to increase the efficiency of the page, it is required to defer the loading of the below the fold content like - scripts and images. There are also some scripts which the user needs to be called only after the user initiates actions like - drag and drop. One should not load such scripts unless the user reaches the screens to take any further action. With these guidelines in mind, you can surely speed up your website and get higher rankings. Let your business speak up for you! Do you know more about such techniques or have any questions in mind? Please let us know in the comment section. Our experts will provide you with technical assistance to solve your queries.

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