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Stop Sabotaging Your Own Product

By: Diksha | October 18,2018 |

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The competition and constantly changing market forces the business owners to spend fair amount of time on making selection of the perfect custom software development company. The perfect custom software which will be capable of product development with minimum hassle in reasonable time and expense. Basically, it is all about having a great impact over the future of the product. However, this is not the only aspect which determine your success rather there are various aspects associated with attaining success. It’s much more than just writing a running code.It’s more about the people and interactions, not the tools and processes. It’s all about the people and interactions, not the tools and processes. Lets have a look on most costly mistakes made by business owner which sabotage their own products!

Product Ownership

In most of the outsourced projects, major complication is faced due to the underestimation of the product ownership. Most frequently reported issue is development outsourcing is associated with just having few developers writing code in the other location. And the roles like Product designer, Quality Owner, Project co-ordinator etc are often neglected due to strict budget policies or simply just are not valued until it’s too late. And in the end when we find out about the issue, what do we do? Smart product owners would go for business acceptable solution. They will go for solution rather than taking another short-cut to make the situation even worse! It mostly takes experience and time to come up with such situation. You must battle with it with full honesty and transparency. Go extra mile if you need to and learn the lesson for your future projects also.

Being Attentive

You are giving enough attention to your team and not listening to their queries. Successful business owners never have time for proper product ownership. They get dragged into various discussions and activities. Cost of delay can quickly exceed savings that came from not having a Proxy-Product Owner. So it’s better to have a proxy product owner to keep track of the various tasks and to co-ordinate between the tasks but the person must be trustworthy enough.

Product Development

Take the instance of product development, where you think that everything is going just fine but it’s not! There are things you need to take care of but you are not getting right time or chance to review it. But the fact is you’re refusing to acknowledge the fact and trying avoiding the confrontation to facts. To handle such situation you should always presume that 40% of work is not discovered yet, so leave some spare time for it.

Developing MVP

Last but not the least, product owners usually end up developing the MVP wrong way. Inn the era of Agile ad Lean software development, going for the rigid development can be the biggest mistake ever! It’s natural that everyone is trying to make something which is unique but there is no point in creating something very unique that it’s not useful to anyone. Everyone is familiar to term MVP (Minimum Viable Product) but not sure whether they consider it or not! From purely technical perspective, there is a great difference between building a minimal viable product to validate an idea v/s full-fledged, bullet proof solution. Simply put, you can either spent a lot of time configuring scalable infrastructure, failover mechanisms, perfect CI & CD pipeline, Domain-Driven designed microservices or write a bit hacky app that does the job and looks good.


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