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Steal The Limelight With Efficient UX Writing

By: Diksha | November 05,2019 |

4 min read

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If you are working in the tech world, then you must be aware of UX writing. Well, a UX writer is someone who writes to enhance the user experience. Many top companies like - Airbnb, Spotify, and Google are already recognizing the need for UX writers to market their products.

Today, we will discuss how UX writers bring value to your brand and ultimately put life to your product. Before we dig deep into why UX writing is important for your product, let’s understand what the UX writer does. Don’t stress much over this! UX writers write the text that guides the users to interact and navigate the product, including the help content, calls-to-action, and more.

Although it seems to be a simple job, the reality is different. They need to have in-depth knowledge of the product design and technical skills to understand the user needs. Let’s have a look at a few ways how UX copy can enhance the user experience.

The UX writing empathize with the user

The UX writings are a clear display of the user’s needs, emotions, and intent. Let’s understand how Google understands the user when they write a review. Google first intimidate the users that their review will be posted publicly. This builds trust among the users and they know what they are doing. For example - when a person visits a new place, they ask how you like the place. This not only gives you the right feedback about the product but also help in building a loyal customer base.

UX writing helps to clarify the uncertainties

Whether it is a new product or an old one, users need some guidance now and then. Here, UX writing can act as a helping hand and make the product clear and intuitive to the users. Let’s talk about Airbnb, the leverage amazing UX writing that helps to mitigate the fear the user may face during the overflow of bookings. What people want while booking rooms online? They want a holistic view of the prices and other details.

Airbnb makes sure that till the time all the user answers are not answered, they won’t be charged until they press “Book.” They make sure the user trusts the brand while making bookings.

Humanizes your product

UX writing is known to add life to your products. It differentiates your product by giving a personal touch. Many companies add chatbots that literally acts as a live support agent to the users. Not just that, companies also add friendly voices to make customer support experience interactive. This surely gives the user a delightful experience and makes them stick to your product.

Check out a few practical tips that will enhance your UX writing and help in engaging more users.

Make your writing more clear and simpler

Before you write anything, ask yourself a few questions. Will you be able to understand the UX copy for the first time? If not, then how do you expect the user to understand your message.

To make your message clear, you can follow these steps:

  • Try to be conversational. You need to make the product more approachable for the users so that they understand your product in detail. You should write like you are having a conversation with your audience.
  • Avoid using highly technical terms. The UX copy will reach a varied audience, so you have to use simple content. Using technical terminology may make it difficult for audiences to understand the language. So, go for simpler texts.
  • Provide enough content. While writing the UX copy, make sure you write enough content to provide to shape and support the user’s experience. The text you write must make sense.

UX writing is useful and efficient

Your product needs to be convincing to attract the user’s interest. You should aim to solve the user’s problem. Wondering, how will you do that? Let’s read a few points that will help you in achieving your UX copy goals.

  • While writing the UX copy, make sure each word is serving a specific purpose. Write catchy text that motivates the user to buy the product and enhances the user experience. Not just that, you need to stick to the character limit and make copy accordingly.
  • Only a few percentages of people read web pages word by word. They usually scan the page and choose the text that is of interest. The UX writers must craft the content that can easily be understood by the readers. In short, they should write the content that users scan for. For example - LinkedIn offers a dashboard to you which allows you to know your personal stats showing profile views and other information. This allows you to alter the online strategies and offer user-friendly content.
  • The  UX copy you create must allow the users to take accurate and efficient actions. Keep the content crisp and to the point so that the user understands your point clearly. For example - when we use Google and enter the wrong password, it simply displays the wrong password message.

UX writing reflects the brand voice

All in all, UX copy is a great opportunity to display your brand’s unique personality. If you execute the UX copy in the right way, you are sure to create a delightful user experience. A good UX copy will help you in creating loyal customers and make you stand apart from the competition.

Example? Well, the marketing efforts of MailChimp is an inspiration for many brands. The way it channelizes the brand's message in a fun and quirky way makes the audiences love the product. And, just like Mailchimp, UX copy is a give your brand a voice and further makes the product experience really pop out.

Whether you hop on the trends of UX copy or not but with the stats in mind, UX writing is here to stay. For all those who look forward to creating a UX copy, prioritize the clarity, simplicity, efficiency, and stay true to the product. Overall, your goal should be to attract loyal audiences and give them user-friendly experience.

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