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Softuvo’s Business Continuity Plan Post COVID19 Pandemic

By: Diksha | April 28,2021 |

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The year 2020 welcomed an unpleasant surprise. No prize for guessing…. Yes, we are talking about the sad outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic that put several businesses to a halt. As a trusted partner of the IT business industry, Softuvo took it as a responsibility to cope with the situations and prevent the clients from getting affected by the global crisis.


Over the years, Softuvo has earned the trust of a number of clients and regardless of what the situation is, we look forward to ensuring that trust. We resumed working from the offices in June and we took no risks in ensuring the safety of all our employees. From regular office sanitization to wearing masks all the time, Softuvo made sure the health of the employees is prioritized. After all, our team is the backbone of the client’s project and we strictly adhere to all the government regulations.

Even in a difficult lockdown situation, Softuvo made sure the clients were given full attention and the queries were answered at the earliest. But, a lot of you might be having concerns regarding their business positions and how they will sail through these daunting times. Don’t worry, we are here to solve all your concerns!

In this post, we have framed a list of FAQs that will cover your common queries regarding how we plan our development and delivery process.

Q - 1 - What’s your preparation to combat the COVID crisis?

Ever since the outbreak of COVID19, we started creating small milestone plans. As we all know these times are really crucial, it is difficult to predict future possibilities. At Softuvo, we keep altering our business strategies from time to time as per the business requirements.

Q - 2 - Can you provide remote services?

Yes. We are serving clients remotely for a decade now. We worked with several clients across the globe and have successfully delivered hundreds of projects. Our clients are our topmost priority and we are known for delivering quality products and timely deliveries. Even amid the COVID19, we assured a 100% client satisfaction rate.

Q - 3 - What role do you play in accelerating access to new customers and new markets?

COVID times have taught us a lot of things. There have been a lot of ups and downs in the business world, but there are still endless opportunities that are unexplored. During the crisis, we made sure our clients got a safe harbor that covered all the whereabouts of the global business crisis. We follow a strategic approach that includes structure, resources, technologies, support, and more. We are already experts in acquiring new technologies and outreaching new clients. 

Q - 4 - How are you managing client’s projects during these tough times?

Our clients are our topmost priority. When working on the client’s project, we always assign a dedicated team to a client based on their business requirements. We manage our resources in a way that other projects don’t get affected.

Q - 5 - Is your business model resilient to recover the impact of a crisis and manage potential risks?

We strongly believe that every business has its own unique needs. For this reason, we don’t have any common business goal. We frame custom business strategies keeping in mind the business requirements. We structure a plan for short goals and move forward in that direction only.

Q - 6 - Do you follow a standardized communication system?

We maintain an open line of communication and keep a check on things regularly. Even after delivering the products/services, we stay in touch with our clients for maintenance and security updates. With us, communication will never be a problem, we are available 24/7 for our clients.


We have tried to cover all the queries that were dwelling over time by our clients. In case, we missed any queries, you can comment below this post or directly reach out by filling the contact form.

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