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Social Media Strategies impacting brand marketing

By: Diksha | July 24,2018 |

4 min read

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Everybody must be active user of Twitter and Facebook or at least have heard about it. As the namesake offers, social media is purely intended for social interactions but with the increasing commercial value, marketers are greatly influenced by social media marketing. Despite the plethora of studies, research and statistics, social media campaigns have the potential of building effective positive brand recognition. Most brands are aware about impact of social media but are not aware how to do it.

Studies represent that 85 percent of marketers are not sure about the most suitable social media tool for them.
Following are some facts which will make you aware about the core need for utilizing social media campaigns:
  • For extending the width of marketing coverage, majority of brands have their official pages in order to make them accessible to their social media consumers.
  • As per studies, 71% of consumers are influenced by recommendation through their friends or family, instead of advertisements. However, social media can be the most suitable platform to spread mouth of word through their friends and family members.
  • A 78% of success rate is experienced by business retailers after making use of social media branding.
  • 40% of users check reviews over social media before making a purchase.
  • 76% of majority is currently making use of social media network for reaching their targeted audiences.
  • 88% of consumers trust reviews over social media platforms rather than reviews coming directly from official website of business.
This article is helpful in extracting the bigger picture regarding the impact of social media campaign over the brand marketing.
  1. Increased trust level- Let’s say a friend of your shares the review about a product they’re using and the services been really good for them, it will also have an impression on you too. Or a celebrity retweets your blog or article, what will be the impact of it over your brand? For a fact, it is a thumbs up and offers leveraged credibility to promote a brand necessary for their success. Audience feel more comfortable over social media platform to ask for their queries as it is informal and trustworthy. Business can respond faster and can engage in even better manner through podcasts and other posts. At the top of it- consumers eventually start treating you bas their “social-family” if you successfully gain their trust.
  2. Easy user navigation- Business can target the focused audience by reaching them over the preferred platform. Lets say if the brand is mostly concerned with age group of 16-50, then Facebook can be the most suitable platform and they can promote their brand over the focused platform. Focusing over the considerate audience will offer the brand with:
  • Overall credibility
  • Competent content
  • Social proof
  • Easy user navigation
  1. Enhanced brand recognition- it’s a quick logic, more you’re active on social media platform, more your audience is aware about your products and services. With the greater credibility, you can attain effective brand exposure and can become even recognizable by your consumers. Type of publicity offered by social media isn’t available for sale. However, it takes trust and reliability and can have the most effective influence over the brand marketing.

So next time you’re thinking about some effective and reliable marketing, just make an investment in social marketing, without having a second thought.

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