Cloud computing has been the integral part of web for years now, but people are still not familiar with the optimised use of it. Cloud can be the game changes in web development, only if the developers are capable of seeking the potential benefits from cloud. Main thing about cloud is that it is still a new concept for some new technologies. There are uncountable aspects of cloud computing which are to be associate by experts but are still hidden. There are various benefits of using cloud for web development but developers are still not familiar with them. Web developers can turn the web development upside down by making effective use of cloud computing. Take a look on various benefits that has been offered by cloud computing, associated with web development.

Reliable Development

Cloud computing can offer sheer reliability in terms of excellent backup and recovery services. Cloud computing is not the most perfect technology but it tends to offer more reliable services as compared to other. Cloud computing services couldn’t if its not capable of offering reliability in terms of backup and availability. Reliability of cloud also varies network to network. For instance, if the network you’re using is overpopulated then you might face trouble in accomplishing even the very basic tasks. If you opt for private cloud network, you will pretty much be isolated from slow operating speeds and viruses and can have better web development experience.

Easy Collaboration

Cloud computing can offer ease of collaboration as there are various in-built tools to provide collaboration facility. Developers can have the simplified collaboration tool in isolated manner. For instance, if you’re working on roadmap for project or setting shared goal for the project, you can share it with your fellow team members and it will simultaneously offer you an isolated environment for concentrated development. Plus, it come with the benefit of integrating various tools with task management and analytics. Team members can have real-time updates and access to the analytics associated with current project.

Additional Security

Although there is a myth that cloud is less safe as compared to traditional data storage mechanism, private cloud can actually offer the most secured network. It is necessary for the developers to feel confident from security aspects and having a private cloud can offer you the most secure private network for their cloud services. Also, effective auto backup and recovery option can do the heavy lifting for you. Plus encrypted third-party in-built tools and application can be borrowed and released on requirement and can ease up the complex development.

Increased Productivity

Real-time working tools can really change the manner of designing and development dramatically. Take the instance of Dropbox, there’s no need to shuffle through client contracts and proposals when you can upload them to Dropbox and see them sync up in real time. Developers can be focused on developing rather than reverting the calls and emails. Impervious characteristic of cloud based tools towards major bugs and global blackout can save your company from major disadvantages.

Some of the other benefits of using cloud development:

  1. Pay as you go: you can borrow and release the cloud instances depending upon your requirements and the bill rates will be accordingly.
  2. Simpler and faster access to the services in centralized manner (TFS/VSTS) for your company, stakeholders and consumers as well.
  3. Greater availability of cloud instances can remove bottlenecks from gaining access to the cloud services.
  4. You can grow your environment as your growing requirements. Resources can be acquired and released according to your needs due to the rich elasticity capability.

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