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Popular Business Applications for Mobile Phones

By: Diksha | August 06,2018 |

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As mobile phones has become inseparable part of business, it becomes necessary to adapt mobile application for business. Business apps can be as versatile as depending upon the business requirements. Industry is moving on a fast pace and has come a long way which enables mobile users to perform crucial tasks including check-in to their flights, generating invoices, keep track of their activities, keep track of their health and work out. Business apps also have many other tertiary benefits for users, while continuously improving their productivity and saving time and money. Right from an entry-level employee to the top management, today everyone is using a mobile business app to remain productive on the go.

  1. Mind-Mapping apps: For effective planning and creating diagrammatic representation, mind-mapping application are used. They can create diagrammatic relations between new ideas, concepts, use cases or other piece of information. These applications are useful in improving the overall learning efficiency. People spend hours on such business apps for improving their productivity and concentration during work hours. Drawing apps, puzzles, quizes, iMindMap etc are some common instances of such application.
  2. Mobile payment apps: “Touch to pay” can be the most convenient option for the users to make payments. Cashless transactions have become new trend as it is convenient and almost not time consuming at all. Mobile payment has major impact in banking, e-commerce, grocery stores and other industries. Best thing about mobile payment applications is that allows users to make multiple transactions to pay at multiple outlet. Also exciting offers and cash-back schemes are a plus-plus for users. Mobile wallets including PayPal, aliexpress, Venmo, Visa QIWI wallet etc are some instances of such applications.
  3. Communication apps: For any business, it is necessary to form reliable communication line and here comes the communication application in picture. Such applications are capable of enabling remote access, multiple channel communication, exchange of files and data from one node to another. Such applications includes social networking applications, meeting centres, video conferencing applications, instant mail or messaging systems.
  4. Enterprise-specific apps: Enterprise-specific application are exclusively designed for specific business enterprise, suiting its business requirements in order to address the unique needs and requirements of the particular organization. Such organizations can be schools, business enterprises, retailers, public sectors , interest-based groups. Salesforce automation apps, ERP apps, CRM apps, helpdesk apps, expense tracker apps, Zendesk apps etc.
  5. Office productivity apps: These are usually personal productivity application, dedicated towards creating information like electronic music, documents, spreadsheets, digital videos etc. Core requirement of such application is to contribute in the improved productivity of the performance of employees. These applications are used in majority of the companies for employee management and increase the productivity of employees right from entry to top management level. Some common apps belonging to this category include calendars, schedulers, business card readers, tax calculators, time and expense trackers, and workflow apps. However, these applications can be taken off-the-shelf or business industry can have it designed from scratch to meet their specific requirements.

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