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By: Diksha | May 07,2021
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The last few years have seen a lot of revolution in the mobile industry. From small-scale businesses to large-scale enterprises, every business is attracting customers using mobile apps now. And, why not? Many of our daily chores like - banking, shopping, virtual interactions, and a lot more depending on mobile apps. The market that made the most of 2020 amid the COVID19 pandemic is the mobile industry and it will continue to grow in the coming years.

The mobile app industry is highly competitive and without proper research, it is difficult to survive. But, we are here to the rescue with some exciting mobile app ideas that will help you generate more revenues in the year 2021. Let’s dive into the details.

  1. On-Demand App

On-demand apps connect the customers directly to service providers and vice-versa. These apps allow the users to get convenient and instant access to goods and services.  The rise in demand for on-demand apps increased more during the pandemic when people were stuck in the lockdown. Investing in these will surely be a smart move.

  1. Restaurant Booking App

Booking your favorite table can be a hassle sometimes. But, not anymore! The restaurant booking apps allow the users to make reservations by phone on a specific date and specific time in advance. These apps also give an overview of the restaurant, food, location, prices, and more. Popular example - Zomato and Swiggy.

  1. Navigation App

It’s a Must App!! Navigation apps provide ease to the users and help them get directions in real-time. Such applications help you with features like - traffic issues, transportation mode, travel time, and more. Thereby making the user's life much easier.

  1. Parking Space Navigation App

Parking is a real hassle, but not with parking space navigation apps. These apps are really helpful when you are visiting large malls, cities, shopping centers, or traveling to different regions. The apps use location, webcams, GPS, parking information, and more to help users find space in real-time.

  1. Scan to Shop App

Quick and easy-to-shop apps are winning hearts among the users. Scan to shop apps has seen massive growth in the e-commerce market. These apps allow the users to scan and search the items they like and find them directly on online shops.

  1. Supermarket App

With the outbreak of global pandemic COVID19, there has been an increase in supermarket apps. These apps allow the user to check the products on their phones while shopping and instantly make the payment. Quick and easy app to grab the information.

  1. Personal Finance App

What’s handier than handling all your finances on an app? Well,  personal finance apps have become a big thing in the market and will continue to surge in the coming years. These apps allow the users to manage their savings, expenditure, and investments using an app. The users can also keep a track of the credit score and other payments.

  1. Language Translation App

Language can be a great barrier, especially when you are traveling abroad. The language translation apps allow the users to translate one language to other languages and help in establishing two-way conversations easily. Add relevant features and make the app the ultimate handy translator.

  1. Taxi Booking App

Commuting was never this easy until big taxi booking giants like - Uber and Ola happened in our lives. In these apps, the user directly enters the location and destination and they get connected to the nearby drivers. These apps also provide tracking and instant support features to enhance the user experience.

  1. Security Control App

Now leave the security concerns at bay with a security control app. These apps allow the users to keep a check of their home and office space by helping them keep a track of camera footage, door locks, and more using the app only.

  1. Exam Preparation App

In this mobile-driven world, getting smart exam strategies handy is bliss for all those who are preparing for exams. These apps help the students to learn using tools, guides, discussions, and guides. Also, it helps the students to interact with the teachers.

  1. Gifts and Flower Delivery App

The online flowers and gifts delivery apps are an amazing way to allow users to book special things for special occasions. Based on the user requirements, the app will give the users with ample gifts and flower options to choose from. Select the time, date, and add the delivery address to get the things delivered.

  1. Interior Design App

Renovating homes was never this easy until interior design apps. Now, no more hassles in finding the right furniture or other interior decoration pieces, simply click a picture and instant recommendations. From selecting colors to curtains and other objects, the app assists you at every stage of designing.

  1. Productivity App

Manage your day-to-day tasks and enhance your productivity. These apps can be categorized in business, personal, collaboration, and more. Many people are already making the most of these apps so investing in them will be highly beneficial.

  1. To-Do List App

Simplify your daily activities with to-do list apps. These help in breaking down the tasks and help in saving a lot of time. These apps are making a great deal in the market and will continue to do the same in the future.

  1. Travel Suggestion App

Exploring new places is always fun with travel apps. Travel suggestion apps automatically search things to explore such as hotels, restaurants, and even reviews of places. This helps travelers to explore more and get all the required information.

  1. Meditation App

Sometimes you need some mind relaxing and that’s when meditation apps dig in. The meditation app teaches through various techniques and programs to increase your attention span. In this stressful world, meditation apps are definitely in high demand by users.

  1. News App

Stay updated with everything going around the world in just one click. The news apps help the user access the latest news from anywhere. The news apps are usually categorized in different languages and sections, thereby making it easier for the users to navigate.

  1. Credit Card Management App

This is another useful app on the list that allows users to manage their credit cards and help them handle their finances. The credit card management app helps the user in managing all aspects of the credit life. The users can easily keep track of finances and get better clarification of their credit usage.

  1. Sports Learning App

A perfect app for all sports lovers. Sports learning apps can be useful for students who have a deep interest in sports. It can be used to watch insightful videos or update results or even play real-time games.

  1. Inventory Tracking Apps

Whether you are a newbie or an established enterprise, inventory management is everything. Managing inventory can be a big hassle, but an inventory tracking app can make the work much easier. It can help in smart allocation, time reduction, and more. Definitely bliss!

  1. Transportation App

It has become a big thing in the business industry. The transportation app has helped businesses to provide flexible transportation solutions to users and expand their business reach. It has also been a convenient option for users to help to get convenient transport services.

  1. Note Taking App

Take notes and never miss anything important. Note Taking App is worth considering. It allows the users to make notes by adding lists, putting voice input, and setting reminders. The app allows the users to take notes anywhere and share them with anyone and anywhere.

  1. Video Live Tutorial App

Live tutorial video apps are definitely winning hearts everywhere. The apps are quite popular among teachers and influencers. These apps provide an immersive experience to the users and help in easy learning. The concept is great and has become more popular this year.

  1. Conferencing App

Who could have imagined smooth meetings at a distance until the conferencing apps were introduced? These apps have made the lives of working professionals really easy as they can create group conferences in just a minute. In these times of the global pandemic, it is definitely one great investment.

  1. 3D Printing App

The 3D printing software is designed to provide users with a more seamless experience. The 3D printing turns the pictures into real model designs and gives the user an immersive experience. Using the new apps, the options to display, build, and transform the 3D designs using the phones has made several lives much easier.

  1. 3D Scanning App

No more scanning hassles, get all your documents scanned by a 3D scanning app. These apps allow you to do the scanning without using any external device. Just one click and you are good to go with the documents handy. The demand for these apps is expected to rise in the coming years.

  1. Goal Tracking App

We make and break goals, but having a constant reminder to track your goals will surely help to make things better. Goal tracking apps are a great way to kick off that old habit and set some good goal standards. In this highly competitive world, this app is definitely trending on the list of mobile apps.

  1. Video Calling App

Ever since the video calling apps have been rolled out in the market, they have been building a strong linking bridge between our loved ones. We can connect, chat, and see each other with the ease of these apps. Since the global pandemic COVID19 worldwide lockdown was imposed across countries. But, thanks to the video calling apps everything seemed easy. Worth investing in!

  1. Writing App

All those lovely writers writing apps are sure to make some space in your phones. These help to prepare meaningful content that can easily be viewed and shared with others. The writing app has given the users the freedom to write dynamic content and share it with others.

  1. Sell Old Goods App

Selling old goods with the ease of an app was never easy until we saw apps like - OLX. Instead of throwing away the old articles, one can sell these and easily make good money. It’s surely a great deal of investment.

  1. Email App

A mobile app that is handy to frame, send, and receive emails is what we all need. Working professionals usually find it hard to get emails at their convenience and to cope up with the changes, all they need is an email app. Email apps have a success rate for both personal and professional ends. 

  1. Photo filter App

A photo with a filter definitely steals the show and that makes photo filter apps more trending. The software application is designed to make the images look better than before and allow you to share them with your dear ones. All you need to do is take a picture or choose an already saved image and choose from ample filter options to suit your personality.

  1. Video Filter Editor App

With the increasing popularity of video advertisements, YouTube Videos, and more, video editing apps have made the space. You can edit the videos and instantly share them on social media platforms.

  1. Party Planning App

Planning a party can be a headache. But, thanks to the party planning app, you can plan everything using an app. These apps allow you to take care of the food list, guest list, decorations, drinks, games, and much more. So, you can plan a party using these apps in no time.

  1. Food Ordering App

Food ordering apps have taken over the market. The big giants like - Zomato have already taken the digital platforms to reach not only small businesses but also users in areas where food delivery was far not possible. Considering the increasing demand for such apps, it is surely worth considering.

  1. Measurement App

Now, getting measurements won’t be a problem. The measurement app allows you to get more accurate and reliable measurements in an instant way. No tool required, you just need one app and everything is sorted.

  1. Cleaning Service App

Now you can locate and hire a service or person to clean your office or home in just a few clicks. Simply enter your location and get a list of cleaning services near you. It is a super time and money-saving app that helps in catering to all the cleaning needs handy.

  1. Loan Approval App

    Getting loans has become quite easy with loan approval apps. It helps in making the loan processes simple and allows the users to determine the details more clearly.

  2. Freelance Work App

    Making extra income is always on the list of most of the employees. Creating a platform to connect freelancers to employers can help several individuals earn more. It is a unique concept and can have lucrative benefits for businesses.

  3. Free WiFi App

    In this era of the tech-driven world, free Wifi apps are what we all need. It helps to find the wifi networks and allows the users to get instant access to the internet. It is an innovative app that is trending right now.

  4. Public Transport Booking App

    Say goodbye to long tiring ques and book your public transport with the ease of a mobile app. Now, you can schedule your travels in advance and enjoy the journeys without any hassle.

  5. Song Identify App

    Liked a song but can’t find the song in searches? That’s where the song identify app comes in! These apps instantly recognize the song and help in finding the details. Never miss on any good music!

  6. Alarm App     

    Waking up seems daunting in the morning? The alarm app can easily replace the old alarm clock and help in waking you up in the morning. One can set as many alarms as possible and always wake right on time.

  7. Doctor Appointment Booking App

    Taking doctor appointments is always a task, but not anymore. The doctor booking app allows the users to connect doctors, healthcare centers, and patients using a simple app. You can also book a video consultation or simply chat with the professionals.

  8. Car Servicing App

    Offline car services have become challenging with the busy work schedules we all possess. With the car servicing app, one can easily book the car servicing experts and book the services at your convenience.

  9. Health Monitoring App

    Taking care of your health was never easy, but health monitoring apps have changed the way one takes care of their health. These apps help in tracking your health and make appointments in just a few steps.

  10. Karaoke App

    Love singing but don’t feel confident to sing a song? Karaoke app allows you to sing with background music and help you live your singing dream in live-action. Now, you can sing just like your singing idols and enjoy the moment.

  11. Safety Alert App

    Safety is the foremost concern of both individuals and companies. Safety alert apps help to provide rescue and relief operations in dangerous times. The app alerts and assists the users with the steps that can help in coping with an emergency situation.

  12. Menstrual Cycle Notifier App

    Health and wellness are always the topmost concern. And, the most trending app in the wellness category is the menstrual cycle notifier. Based on the details entered by the women, it helps to track the menstrual cycle and body changes.

  13. Jewelry Design App

    The jewelry industry is also taking over the technology-driven world. The jewelry design app allows users to shop for jewelry from different jewelry stores. You can find and compare designs and choose the right fit for yourself.

  14. Fashion Design App

    Wondering how that pretty store dress will look on you? The Fashion Design app lets the user create designs and view them before you actually spend money on buying them. Also, you can get suggestions from the experts.

  15. Book Exchange App

    For all the book worms, book exchange apps are the perfect app for you. The app allows you to connect with the local readers and help in exchanging great reads.

  16. Dating App

    Apps are any day more comfortable than meeting in person. Dating apps are a big-time savior for all those who feel less comfortable meeting in reality. You can meet and contact new people and move further if you connect well with them.

  17. Shipment Tracking App

    The shipment app checks and tracks the shipments at regular intervals. The app is helpful in tracking both single and multiple orders. It is surely a brilliant app investment idea that connects businesses as well as users.

  18. Auto-Answer App

    As the name suggests, the auto-answer app answers the phone automatically whenever it rings. Now, you can easily answer the calls, even when your hands are occupied, as the app can automatically respond to all calls.

  19. COVID19 Pandemic App

    Ever since the outbreak of COVID19, people have been curious to know the whereabouts of Covid. The app will include - all the latest news, factsheets, articles, emergency information, and more. It will help in staying updated at the fingertips.

  20. Movie Review App

    We all know how the world of the internet works. People get easily influenced by movie reviews. The app will give details of the films that have been launched recently where the users have given feedback. Other users can see the reviews and base their future movie plans based on the information.

  21. Suicide Prevention Help App

    There has been increasing in the number of suicide cases in recent years, and that makes it an alarming global concern. The Suicide Prevention App can turn out to be a blessing as it can help in preventing such cases. This app can allow people to look for therapy sessions and services that can help the users to overcome negative thoughts.

  22. Work From Home Jobs App

    As remote working has been a big trend this year, more individuals are getting inclined to work from home job opportunities. However, companies are feeling that this trend has impacted work from home opportunities. The Work From Home apps can help in maximizing productivity and help in managing things better.

  23. House Rent App

    Finding it hard to choose an ideal house? Well, house rent apps are a great solution for all those who are looking for renting or purchasing a house. These apps not only provide great options to invest in but also ensure a seamless flow of communication.

  24. Food And Clothes Donation App

    Help the needy by donating food and clothes. This unique app idea will help the users directly connect with the charitable organizations that are helping the people in suffering. This app will make sure that no food or clothes are wasted as it directly goes to underprivileged people.

  25. Pregnancy Helper App

    Pregnancy is tough to deal with. The pregnancy helper app assists not only the pregnant ladies but also the families to get useful information during the different stages of pregnancy. The information is shared by qualified professionals only.

  26. Smart Reminder App

    In our busy lifestyles, it is hard to remember each and everything. The smart alarm app helps you remember every important task by giving your reminders when the time comes. Now, you will never miss any important task.

  27. Tutor Finding App

    The app helps in finding the right tutor for a particular class or subject. It will help connect students and teachers directly with each other. The app will also provide details of teacher profiles, rankings, and reviews to base better decisions.

  28. People Finding App

    Find the person that shares the same interest as yours. The user simply puts the personal and professional likes and dislikes. Based on the entered information, the app will find people who share the same interests.

  29. Health Video Chat

    The app helps in connecting like-minded users with each other. People who are having the same health concerns can connect with each other using online chat or video chats.

  30. Digital Resume App

    In the world of digitalization, creating a digital resume is much needed. With the help of a digital resume/cv app, the users can create a professional CV that can easily be shared with potential employers.

  31. DIY Encouragement App

    Obsessed with DIY videos? This app will guide the users with DIY activities and encourage them to do more DIY stuff. People can create and share unique hacks and educate others regarding the same.

  32. Social Networking Meet-Up App

    A social networking app that helps in planning meet-ups with your friends or other people across the globe. It will include people's preferences, places to meet, events to attend, and more. It will surely boost user engagement and allow instant meet up with people worldwide.

  33. Lost Item Tracker App

    Do you keep losing things? The lost item finder app is a great way to find missing things like - keys, wallet, or any other important items. All you need to do is to click the photo of things each time you leave them. So, in case you lose them, you can instantly find them by checking out the pic.

  34. Cloud PPT App

    Gone are the days when the whole team used to sit together to create the PPT, now you can do it all handy. The cloud PPT app helps in creating ppt online in real-time and gets instant feedback. The app allows the team members to come together and share ideas online.

  35. Phone Silencer App

    This smart app will automatically put the phone on silent as per your location. For example - when you are in the office working or some meeting, the app will move the phone to silent by detecting the location. Now, you can easily enjoy uninterrupted conversations.

  36. Beauty Specialist Hiring App

    Now finding a beauty specialist is easy. The beauty specialist on-demand hiring app helps in finding the right beauty specialist that offers home services at your convenience. You can add payment options for redirecting instant payments.

  37. Tourist Helper App

    Popular tourist areas are always popular among the users, but the less known areas remain unknown. The tourist helper app will help in connecting the tourists with the native tourist spots and help in highlighting areas that deserve all the attention.

  38. Add to Wishlist

    We all have some future goals and we wish to fulfill them. The app helps you add your goals and desires to the wishlist. The app keeps reminding you of your goals and helps in bringing you closer to the destination.

  39. Disaster Management App

    Prevention is better than cure. The disaster management app helps in preventing possible damage by warning the people in advance about the disaster. The app informs and educates people with useful information on disasters.

  40. Internet- Speed Checker App

    The app helps you find the internet speed and display the data used information along with it. You can easily check the speed anytime anywhere.

  41. Drink Water Reminder App

    Drinking water is really important for your health. The water reminder app keeps reminding you to drink more water and stay healthy. You will get pop-up notifications for the same at regular time intervals.

  42. Virtual Clothes Shopping App

    You can now easily shop for clothes with virtual clothes shopping app. Using the app the users can virtually try different clothing styles and see what suits them. Say goodbye to long waiting queues and virtually see what suits you best.


In the mobile-age era, investing in mobile apps is definitely a lucrative business. The apps play a great role in our day-to-day activities, thus creating a unique concept will help you gain an edge over the competitors. Go ahead and choose the best mobile app idea to make the most for your business. Good luck!

Note: We have curated this list of app ideas by considering the latest trends on the internet and other trustworthy resources. Many ideas have already been used by companies, but they still hold a strong position in the coming year. So, it’s better to start working towards them. All the best for a wonderful business ahead!

It’s time to make the most of 2021 with some exciting ideas and build a solid brand image in the market. If you are keen to create your dream app, then contact our mobile app experts and get the best solutions. Fill in our contact form and our team will reach out to you super soon.

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