By: Diksha | September 20,2018
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Node.js is a runtime JavaScript specifically built over Chrome’s version 8 JavaScript engine using an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. It’s highlights are efficient and lightweight package ecosystem, NPM, delivers the largest available ecosystem of open source libraries in the world. With the never ending efforts from  open source community there are many excellent modules enhancing capabilities to Node.js application. is one such module to manage connections between client and server, allowing the server to retrieve and push real-time updates to clients.

Apart from open source community and sockets, there are several prominent names associated with Node.js corporate users including Microsoft, Netflix, GoDaddy, IBM, Walmart, Cisco, Groupon, Yahoo! etc with the intent of evolving and integrating diverse services in same UI. Due to the advanced option to solve almost everything, Node.js is preferred by most of the developers. Here are some Node.js best practices for you to make most out of it-

Code Organization

You can organize code into smaller pieces to stay from the the complications. Developers use this approach to understand the code as it is modularized into small parts. The key to keep things simple by envisioning how things will function not just at the given point of time, but also future.

Embrace Style Guide

Developers need to consider deciphering codebase as it is easier if you stick to a specific pattern or consistent pattern. If helps the developers to keep the code manageable and less time consuming by eliminating the need of reworking and reformatting. However, there is no standard form defined to follow. Therefore, developers or team members have to enforce standardization on their own.

Do Not Reinvent the Wheel

Node Package Manager is an online repository for publishing of open source Node.js projects. There are wide number of packages already available and try looking for the existing solutions first before developing solutions from scratch. It will save you from trouble of whole process developing a solution from scratch which is already available.

Always Use Asynchronous Methods

It’s asynchronous runtime and non0blocking IO are the most critical features. It offers extreme flexibility and speed to serve requests much faster compared to other language. In order to leverage the maximum use of it you are recommended to use asynchronous methods in code.

Recognize Errors and Downtime

Monitoring and performance products can be helpful in gaining insight regarding codebase and API used. In return, you can transcend above monitoring and measure user experiences. APM products are capable of indicating a slow loading transaction on the end-user side while suggesting the main issue.

Wrapping Up

You need to Implement and analyse the best practices of Node.js before you dive into Node.js development. Node.js is perfect fit for developing real-time web applications which its robust performance. Also excellent APIs can be create and implemented to handle the requests that are IO based and demands scalability using Node.js.


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