Content marketing is authentic, useful and suits perfectly to the internet era. Content marketing will become even more important as the creation and distribution of content seems to change radically. To clear the doubt regarding effect of content marketing, let me represent some dominating trends in content marketing which are suppose to change the future of content marketing

Get influencers for story telling

From the perception of consumers, they tend to trust their friends, family or even strangers more than advertisements and ratings. Online influencers are a trusted voice and they act as a bridge between consumers and brands. Influencers have loyal followers, and they act like a community. They are active on social media and have constant engagement with their followers. As a result, brands can get them to advertise their products by following new trend of “stories”. On various social media platforms including snapchat, instagram etc we often see stories. And this format consists linkable images and videos, which can redirect the users directly to your website. Basically, influencers show the peek to their real life somehow connecting your product like making your store their favourite store or your food their favourite food etc to spread awareness regarding your product/brand within their followers. It can have severe impact over your brand recognition, depending upon the popularity of the influencer.

Livestreaming for creating authentic interactions

A report suggests that average video post generates 35% greater organic reach as compared to picture posts. Basically, by putting it in other words, viewers spend eight times longer on live video as compared to on demand. Considering the facts, no wonder video is becoming the core of all online content. Livestreaming fosters the closest interaction possible to a real-life conversation where consumers can ask questions and receive responses from brand ambassadors directly in real-time. Its interactive nature gives consumers an increased sense of engagement that is unedited and authentic. An experience traditional social content like blog and photo posts cannot create.

Native advertisement

Native advertising plays a critical role in coming future of content marketing. Experts believes that consumers will see a narrower divide between content marketing and native marketing. As the latter is maturing and has became less intrusive. Therefore, stricter advertising policies from tech giants like Facebook, combined with increasingly savvy consumers who won’t respond to noticeable, poor-quality ads will force native advertising to completely disassociate itself from terms like clickbait and wormhole. Whereas, intelligent native advertising will become one of the largest distribution methods for high-end content that drives conversions.

AI to curate content

Lets be honest about the issue of content overload. Internet is flooded with data and information about almost anything and everything. In this era of advanced technologies, Artificial Intelligence can be used to curate content effectively. Take the instance of open influence, a company leveraging AI to tag photo content to identify which influencers are most engaged across various product categories. However, with the use of AI, it is possible to find relevant influencers depending upon their campaign objective and performance as well.

Emerging distribution channels

Almost everybody is familiar to the organic content distribution over social media networks but big changes are made with regards to algorithms and everything which makes it content marketing friendly. Businesses can attain greater flexibility and benefits as newly designed algorithms makes it possible to seek maximum organic reach. Messenger deployed by facebook also encourages rise of chatbots by enabling business to seek fastest and constant engagement rate with their users.

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