You must have observed that majority of organizations are moving towards data source outsourcing and must be thinking whether it is worth it? Will you have any operational or financial advantage by outsourcing the data centre? Embracing data centre will suffice your operational needs or not? Unfortunately, one yes will not suffice your concerns. Survey studies proves that most IT companies are moving to data centre outsourcing as it has various advantages to offer including low operational costs, access to servers, better utilization of available resources etc. But you are recommended to do some background check including available resources, available options, business perspective, budget analysis etc before deciding to outsource your data centres. Following are some facts which will give you a reason for embracing data centre outsourcing or not!

  1. Higher scalability:There is great risk to the business agility as it can get compromised with the under or over utilization of capacities in an in-house data centre. However, outsourcing to third party means you can avail scalability, availability, flexibility and cost effectiveness, that too without having to worry about resource allocation and appropriate infrastructure.
  2. Reduced operational costs:Considering that initial investment might be high but it will also save you from costs of IT labour, upgrades, equipment maintenance, physical space management etc. It companies are also offered with the option of moving their data centre operations to cloud. It doesn’t only reduces the cost of ownership but also reduces future equipment expenditure.
  3. Better connectivity and latency:To improve the functioning of data centres, it is essential to ensure that the outsource providers are capable of offering better connectivity and latency when it comes to internet and other network related tasks. It will help organization to accomplish multiple-carrier offerings. Best offerings can help you choose from wide range of network carrier options.
  4. Higher Uptime: Third party services are often governed by SLAs (service level agreement) which bounds them to contractual agreement. Stated services and state-of-art infrastructure will be offered by third party accordingly. They will make sure that they stick to their pre-defined contractual terms, meanwhile reducing the downtime and avoiding financial penalties as well. Which results in lowest possible downtime assured by  third party even during network delays or power outages.
  5. Increased business focus: Firstly, outsourcing it will eliminate the need of building a new infrastructure as this responsibility is shifted to third party. Secondly, upgrades and maintenance is also offered by third party which will not only remove the overhead but will also help you focus on your business operations only. Immediate business goals can be focused and achieved in even better manner if organizations are more focused on their goals.
  6. Speed and flexibility: Firstly setting up a data centre is time consuming and secondly it is expensive as well. Outsourcing data centre can be good idea as it offers better better services and eliminate the overhead of taking care of physical spacing and upgrades as it is the responsibility of third party. You will not have to worry about space or power challenges, rather you can have better speed and flexibility while considering an expansion.

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