Here I am about to make you familiar with the basic pros and cons of native application and hybrid application as well. So that you can choose the best fitting approach for mobile development accordingly.

What is Native App development?

Native application is developed for performing specific tasks depending upon the particular platform or environment. Moreover, it is developed for certain software framework, hardware platform or OS, built using SDK (software development kit).

Why Native App?

Following are the advantages of native app development:

  • Native SDKs eliminates complexity of native plugins and enable access to device features. And new device features will be available out of box along with SDK.
  • There are lesser dependencies on open source libraries and platforms including Ionic and Cordova.
  • HD games, graphical applications, intensive animation applications etc are expected to perform better as native app because native code is way faster than JavaScript and HTML. WebSL standards are helpful to browser and hybrid apps for HD games to meet performance but still native has edge.

Why not Native app?

Before going for native app development, there are some drawbacks to it and you must be familiar to it. They are as follows:

  • It demands separate development effort for each platform in results in increased development time.
  • Sometimes it is challenging to deliver the same features on different platforms due to different code base.
  • With the different release cycles and updates for different platform, it can be more time and cost consuming.
  • To maintain the same application on different platforms different skill set is required apparently.

What is Hybrid app development?

Hybrid apps are native apps only because it can be downloaded from platform’s app store like native app. It can get access to all the native platform features. It can have performance close to native app.

Why Hybrid App?

Pros of Hybrid app development are as mentioned below:

  • It is single code base for different platforms which means you can use the same code base to run your application different platform, eliminating the need of maintaining separate code for different platform.
  • Same development team can deliver application for different platform and like any other website it can be run on different browsers as PWA (Progressive Web Application).
  • Hybrid application is capable of achieving same hardware-based performance acceleration as native app.
  • It can have the same and consistent user experience across platform regardless of user moves between different browsers or devices.

Why not Hybrid App?

Major cons of hybrid application are as mentioned below:

  • 3D, HD games, High graphics oriented application might not do well with hybrid application.
  • Hybrid application can have access to various native device features including media, touchID etc but it would be dependent on native plugins.
  • It is majorly dependent on various libraries or frameworks including Ionic or Cordova which requires developers to sync the application with latest platform version changes and releases.


The decision to choose hybrid or native is based on goals and priority of the organization. Use case, nature and environment of the application can also influence the decision. Therefore, I hope this article helps to choose the right approach.

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