By: Diksha | November 12,2018
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With immense growth of mobile use, business enterprises are keen on adopting the latest mobile trends to acquire a competitive edge. From instant applications to smart things, they’re covering every possible field in the developing trends. Mobile app development is changing the day-to-day lives for the better. So in order to stay in the competition and win the application industry, there are some trends you need to look out for for the following year-

AI and Machine learning

With emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you can develop and deploy interactive mobile applications. Along with Machine learning efficiency, you can deploy a beyond imagination interactive mobile application. AI is offering valuable insights with advanced analytics to the business enterprises which can skyrocket the ROI if implemented right!

Real-Time Location Sensing Apps

You are going to see a lot of real-time location sensing apps in the following year. With the immense success of mobile apps like Uber, Ubereats and other location sensing apps, users are now concerned with getting the real-time location. Moreover, it keeps the entire procedure transparent to the users. Some of the most common location sensing are Magnetometer, GPS, Gyroscope, and Accelerometer.

Connected Smart Objects  

With the growth of IoT (Internet of Things) technology, its embedded software with software, sensors, and electronics in the presence of network connectivity. Nonetheless, you should consider smart connected objects as recent advancement is leading to the involvement of mobile-connected smart objects in our day-to-day lives. And with other advanced technologies like big data or AI, IoT now inherits more meaning. Samsung, Honeywell, Bosch, Xiaomi, and Philips are the major players in the field of mobile-connected objects market.

Innovative and Interactive UI experience

With all the advanced technologies and features, developers are losing the touch of basics. Instant applications, real-time locations, connected smart objects etc are cool but do not forget to make it innovative and interactive. First things that appeals user is an interactive and innovation UI experience. Instagram, Wunderlist, or Pinterest are the most popular apps with the most appealing designs. Also, one thing that’s common in all of the mobile applications is that they continuously build new patterns that reflect intuitive designs as well as interactive modules.


No doubt, wearable market is extending their domain of services and leading to a huge demand for the wearable app. According to the studies, estimated ROI from wearable device sales is around $33.78 billion by 2019. In fact, the scope of wearable is definitely growing, so is the wearable-centric mobile apps. Moreover, offering greater availability and cost-efficiency to the end users is the main concern of Wearable sector. And the heart diseases or other chronic diseases increasing at an alarming rate makes it even for essential in our day-to-day lives. This technology is leaving great influence over users with the fitness factors like calories or heart rate tracker.

We hope this article is informative enough to make you aware of the leading trends of 2019. If you have a business idea and looking for developing a dedicated mobile application, drop us a message here! Softuvo is more than happy to help you out.


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