If you wish to reach the maximum of your targeted audience, then mobile marketing is the most suitable medium. Survey reports that an average American spends about 5 hours over their mobile phones, which makes it fascinating to the marketers. But they often can reach the expected number of prospects. This article discusses the reason and give the latest trends and techniques to reach the maximum of the prospects-

  1. Shorter Videos

Take a look at YouTube views figure, half of them are from mobile devices. With the great technology enhancements and interactive digital content, people are now more engaged and updated. Brands are now generating interactive digital content to make the audience able to wrap it all up. Also, trimmed videos are the latest trend. They convey message more interactively and consumes less time comparatively.

  1. Chatbots

Communication is the foundation of sales and good customer services. It could be difficult to engage with large number of consumers at the same time. But not with chatbots. Brands are implementing chatbots to make smooth interactions with their consumers via text messages. It speeds up the communication and generates the most appropriate response. Nonetheless, personalize communication with the users represents a sense of responsibility from the business-end.

  1. Shorter purchase path

Brands are now going extra mile to collect the user data in most sophisticated manner possible. Take the instance of voice assistants like siri, alexa, Cortana, Clova, Google Assistant etc which allows brands to listen to their consumers. Amazon is growing their consumer network rapidly with Alexa. Interconnected wearable allows user to place order with voice commands or single push of a button.

  1. Native ads

Native ads with Snapchat represents the coveted demographics as it is expected to take up to 53% of all display spending this year. However, with sponsored articles on Buzzfeed, or stories over Facebook and Snapchat, brands are making their impact on their audience. They are largest platform for engaging their consumers. People tend to pay more attention on such platforms rather than the stand-alone ones.

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