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Mobile Application Ideas For Your Business To Prevail In 2019

By: Diksha | April 22,2019 |

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Can you remember the last time you kept your phone aside for a whole long day? Hard to remember, right? That’s what mobile phones have done to us. The technology is evolving every day and plays a vital role in our lives.

2019 is about to witness some exceptional changes in the digital marketing world. With hundreds of mobile applications being developed every day, keeping up with the latest trends is important to survive this cutting-edge competition. With the technological advancements what we also witness is the sudden increase in the demand of clients.

To meet up with these demands and disrupting the technological spaces, we have listed a few mobile application trends for your business to prevail in 2019. Let’s check out the details!

Virtual and Augmented Realities

Earlier, the technology of virtual reality was limited to the advanced headsets, but now you get a variety of options in transforming your mobile phones and engage the users. The technology allows the users to get more realistic experience and enjoy user-friendly interface. The technology can promote campaigns in a much better way and target customers in an effective way through mobile apps.

With virtual reality apps, the users can enjoy full 360-degree visuals and get an enhanced experience. This is the major reasons it's used in creating gaming apps and provide users with a unique gaming experience.

In this coming year, we are more likely to witness the continuous development of elements of augmented and virtual realities since the focus on social media campaigns is increasing at a great pace. Presently, apps like Snapchat and Instagram are using the AR filters.


It will be wrong not to mention chatbots here. Well, the chatbots have become a basic part of the most on-demand apps today. It allows users to respond in real time. They are basically the future of every communication which helps to manage and maintain the day-to-day activities.

Chatbots make the user interactions more lively and captivating. The best part of using chatbots is you won’t get exhausted of the queries and get more acquainted on the taste of users. More than 30% of the e-commerce companies are using chatbots for their websites.

Chatbots help to produce a more effective self-service framework which allows the users with the personalized responses to their inquiries in real-time. Initially, chatbots were only used in messaging apps like - Skype, Facebook, Slack, and more. But, with the evolution of artificial intelligence, it is easier to integrate chatbots in the native apps.

In the past few years, chatbots have significantly improved its functionality of mobile apps. Their conversational interface boosts user engagement and helps to drive the app adoption across various businesses.

The Rise Of Instant Apps

Ever since the evolution of instant apps, they have been progressively popular among users. The best part of instant apps is they do not require to download like other native apps. They are very convenient and user-friendly.

We can also define instant apps like the native mobile apps which do not need to download and install on your phone. They are smaller in size in comparison to the native apps. Not just that, they help in delivering a great user experience without consuming much of your phone’s memory.

The texting apps offer highlights similar to instant messaging apps like - Skype, Whatsapp, and Messenger. With the sudden increase in the growth of mobile app marketing and smartphones, free and low-cost messaging apps have become a cheap alternative to messaging via MMS and SMS. usually, the messenger apps offer a wide range of opportunities for users such as photos, group chats, audio, and video sharing. You can take motivation from the existing messaging apps and consider making a mixture of everyone.

The instant apps are not only easy to share with friends or family but also easy to use. And, we are sure to witness more of these apps in 2019.

Internet Of Things And On-Demand Apps

IoT apps have been a big trend in recent years. They have created much buzz and are growing more popular. These apps have encouraged a wide range of business verticals including - e-commerce, healthcare, transportation, real estate and more. According to the experts, these apps are soon going to be a great boon in the healthcare and educational sector. IoT apps are going to play a significant role in 2019.

The rise of on-demand apps has created a lion share in the market as you only require a phone by your side. These apps have revolutionized the service sectors by providing individuals with simple and quick access to the services and products which used to restricted hard or luxury to get.  With the help of on-demand apps, you no longer have to get off your couch to get salon services, food delivery, or cabs.

The IoT apps are the new wave hitting the digital marketing sector. The remote connectivity and extensive use of sensors technology have made it a source of curiosity.

These apps offer potential through IoT devices and can easily connect to the techs - homes, cars, gadgets, and more. In the coming years, you are likely to explore more with IoT devices such as -

  • Smart Parking
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • IoT-Enabled ECG Device
  • Home automationSmart Office system

The IoT apps will surely take the human world to a whole new dimension in the next decade.

Transformation Of Cash Payment to Mobile Payment

As we all know, the customer's way of shopping and making payments is shifting rapidly. Earlier, people were more inclined to make payments by cash. This significantly shifted to payments by cards and now the trend is moving towards the digital wallet apps like - Paytm, Google Pay, and more.

And, with this ease of making payments simply through the apps, the year 2019 is sure to witness an increase in the number of mobile payments apps as most banks are offering mobile banking services to their customers.

Popular mobile wallets like - Freecharge and Paytm have created a lot of buzz in the market and also assume some other players to join the competition. In the coming years, more and more people are likely to adopt the digital methods where the transaction and fund transfer will become a cakewalk.


One of the significant technology in recent years is the blockchain. The technology has created a unique level of transparency and security into digital transactions. We all know how the blockchain technology has transformed the cryptocurrency market and bitcoin. The technology has turned out to be a key factor in the payment industry and has provided the users with significant results. And, there are many experts who believe that technology is sure to overthrow the Internet in the long run.

Various business industries like - retail, finance, and healthcare are looking forward to building apps with blockchain technology. And, this trend is surely going to be on the top list for mobile app development this year. Let’s have a look at the various fields where the blockchain technology can do wonders:

  • Money transfers and payments
  • Distributed cloud storage
  • Smart contacts
  • Networking
  • Notary
  • IoT

Mobile App Security to Gain Extra Attention

Every day we find news relating to the cybercrime and many people are witnessing hacking. Even Google and Facebook have admitted security lapses and are looking forward to dealing with such issues. Today, proving cybersecurity to the users should be the top priority of the developers and many developers are already understanding its need.

It is important to give the user's data privacy and ensure they are keeping up with the protection laws to provide the users with the best experience. If you want to survive in this cutting edge competition then you need to make sure you pay extra attention to the security.

Cloud Technology Will Grow More

The cloud technology is enriching our lives for long. And, we all are aware of the fact that cloud computing has now become an integral part of the apps including - Gmail, Facebook, and more. As technology continues to grow, we are likely to witness more cloud riven apps to reduce the storage of apps. Considering its popularity, it is sure that the cloud apps will drive 90% of the mobile traffic by the end of this year.

Micro Apps And Enterprise Will Grow in Demand

The difference between the micro apps and the enterprise is, the former is developed to focus on a specific task while the latter can manage crucial business operations on the go. With the help of enterprise apps, it has become easier to manage a host of jobs. Apps like - Evernote is an exceptional example of an enterprise application. By using these apps, you can collaborate with one another and further increase efficiency. On the other hand, apps like Facebook are a perfect example of micro applications.

Mobile apps are essential to serve better in several aspects of our lives. Incorporating these trends can increase the workflow efficiency thereby increasing the capabilities.

The users are in constant search of trendy, quick, and highly responsive apps that are embedded with latest technologies to make their work easier. Although these trends never remain constant it is important to provide the users with the newer versions now and time.

So, that’s all on the mobile app development trends to flourish in the year 2019. These trends are proof of how much app development has affected the mobile industry. With the expansion in the mobile industry, we are likely to witness more app trends.

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