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07 Dec 2018

Mobile App Trends To Consider This Year!

With the rapid emergence of the digital world, mobile application industries consider implementing the latest technologies. Learn about the latest mobile app trends to come up with great apps-



Locations-based services are the new trend in mobile apps and make the services amazing regardless of the type of the app. Basically, with GPS systems it becomes easier for the end-users to locate the assets. Similarly, in the case of eCommerce mobile apps, it locates the end-user and suggests products accordingly or shows the availability of shipping off their location. Hence, location-based applications are mainly important for the news apps, comparison suggestion itineraries, food apps, eCommerce apps and so on. So, personalize the experience of your end-users with location-based services. 

Cloud Computing

Majority of mobile app developers are following the Cloud Computing trend. To ease out the redundant tasks like synchronization of same data within multiple devices or transferring the data between them, cloud computing is the solution. Management of the data becomes easy and effortless with cloud computing. It clears up space and ensures that the user is able to access the information available on different devices directly.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Consider data analytic before developing apps because it will tell you what the customer wants and how they treat a particular app. It will offer crucial information regarding various aspects of a mobile application. Based on this information, you can actually develop a great app which can satisfy the customers.

AR and VR

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (virtual reality) are the next big technology to be followed in mobile app development. They are majorly used in gaming or shopping apps. Apps serving in various sectors including education, healthcare, etc can also utilize the capabilities of AR and VR. With AR and VR you can experience technology more closely, almost like reality.



All credits to Apple, wearable devices are gaining immense popularity. Moreover, the affordability constraint is almost out of the equation. With more and more companies adopting this technology, it is best to incorporate this technology with your app. App developers are required to build apps which can be synced with these devices. It will make it easier for people to use them on the move.


In spite, it is a child technology of AI, it is gaining immense popularity. It can simply deduce the hefty salary bills of people recruited at the end of the sales. They are virtual assistants within mobile applications assisting the users during their purchase for a better and personalized experience.

Instant Apps

Instant apps are basically the native apps which are relatively smaller in size apps, highly convenient and user-friendly just because of the fact that it needs no downloading. Users can access such mobile applications instantly without having to download it. Instant apps are the solution to the demands of users like shorter load time or better user experience. Thus, it entirely eliminates the issue of waiting time required for the installation.

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