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Mobile App Maintenance: Why Is It Needed, It’s Cost, And More

By: Diksha | December 03,2021 |

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Let’s start this one with a question! Do you really think that it is possible that mobile phones can keep functioning without any updates? Obviously not! The truth is that smartphones need updates with the update in new software and technologies. And, similar is the case with mobile apps. Yes, you read it right! Just like the smartphones that need synchronization with the new updates, mobile apps also need some maintenance to keep going!

Let’s be practical here! It is not possible for a mobile app to keep running forever without any maintenance. If you think that your work gets over after building an app, then you are wrong! It actually begins there! The mobile app industry today is so competitive that businesses need to evolve with the ever-changing technologies. Sure, building an app is a big achievement, but to ensure it keeps on going requires regular maintenance. And trust me, inadequate app maintenance can directly lead to the failure of your app. Though it requires some additional costs, it's definitely worth it!

This post will highlight all you need to know about mobile app maintenance. Let’s find the details.

Is Mobile App Maintenance Important – How?

Maintenance of the app is necessary to ensure the seamless functioning of the app. It helps in reducing the glitches and enhances the user experience. So, the development of the app must incle the maintenance costs as well. Here are some reasons why. 

Let’s discuss why app maintenance is important.

Sorts Flickering Issues

Every year we see mobile app manufacturers come up with new technologies and upgrades. So, the app created by you today might not work with the new additions. This may lead to several security concerns, design concerns, and more. With timely maintenance, these all can be resolved!

Upgrade UX/UI trends

The app industry keeps on revolutionizing and sometimes with such updations, the design needs to be updated. To ensure that the user enjoys the app experience and navigates all the features easily, you need to stay updated with the latest design trends. 

No More Downtime

App downtime is the biggest nightmare of any developer or business. And, of course, it can drastically affect the revenue. With regular updates, you can prevent hacking and compatibility issues, not just that it helps in ensuring a smooth user experience.

Apart from that, regular maintenance of apps helps in establishing better relationships with the users, increases the user retention rate, and also enhances customer loyalty. 

Isn’t it so obvious why you all should spend on mobile app maintenance? 

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain an App?

When creating an app, the development cost is not the only thing that you need to consider, but you also need to think of app maintenance costs. The costs of maintaining an app may vary from app to app just like - the development and design costs vary. One thing is for sure that the maintenance costs will cost you around 20% of the original development costs.  

Here is a list of a few things that you need to keep in mind while analyzing the costs of maintaining an app.

Things To Consider When Analyzing App Maintenance Costs


Well, it is really important to understand your users. You should track the user's reports and usage that will help you in finding all the customer insights. Luckily, there are tools like - Google Analytics that can help you in detecting crashes, bugs, glitches, and even more. This can help you monitor your users and provide some critical insights that will help you fix areas that require some change.


To ensure that your app runs smoothly, you need to pay to get the database hosted. You can find multiple hosting options like - Bluehost, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and more that are easy to set up and help you track all the databases.

Bugs and Updates

No matter what technology you are working on,  updates are necessary. Apps need regular updates to fix the UI issues and bugs that are affecting the current performance and user experience. The cost of these updates might differ from the app. Of course, it is an additional cost, so the good idea is to hire a mobile app development company that provides you with fewer maintenance costs.

Why Do You Need To Hire an Experienced Maintenance Team?

It is literally impossible to keep a track of every little change in the app technology. So, it is surely the right idea to invest in a professional mobile app development team that covers the maintenance costs as well. You can discuss the maintenance strategy and get your work sorted for good. They will keep track on new technologies and updates, new features to be added, find bugs, and a lot more that will surely help you in the long run.

Summing Up!

Well, I hope you got a clear overview of why mobile app maintenance is needed to ensure the smooth functioning of your app. If you are still skeptical about investing in this, then talk to an expert to understand more broadly the need of investing in maintenance costs.

Comment us and let us know your thoughts! 

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