With the transformation in the paradigm of web development, developers are more prone to make mistakes in developing websites. Also, with the recent surge towards mobile browsing, there are a lot of cool and unique designs available. With the wide range of options, it is possible to develop a website which looks perfect but need a lot of improvement. Some of the common mistakes made by the users are as mentioned below:

Forgetting about actual website design element: Most of the website developers are guilty of forcing over the top designing or just simply flattening out the designing component. Too many customization can also lead to too complex and complex designing of the website. Whereas, flattening out the designing of website can make the website look totally unattractive to the visitors. There should be balanced number of photos, videos, banners and other graphics as well. The overall designing must redirect the user towards the focused action.

Lack of responsiveness: With the increasing popularity of smart phones, forty percent of search is run upon smart phones or tablets which makes responsiveness an essential element. Responsiveness is making the website capable of responding to different devices with different screen sizes. Making the website responsive can make it suitable for different users despite of their device choice. However, recent estimates show that less than seventeen percent of the world’s 876 million websites have been created with responsive web design. Since Google introduced a search update that penalizes non-responsive sites in mobile searches, this is a major problem for those who generate leads online.

Lack of input forms: There are websites displaying too many ads whereas others spending a lot of dollars to redirect consumers over their website, only failing to capture the attention of consumer over the main content. But they miserably fail in attaining the lead and odds are against that missed consumers will return back to the website. This problem can be largely eliminated by creating a homepage opt-in offer that will appeal to your visitors and acquiring consumer information.

Adding unnecessary information: Some developers are also guilty of going completely over the board for developing website and forgetting the actual content to be placed in the website. There is a sole purpose behind developing a website and it must be focused on that purpose. But going over the top with designing elements can make it difficult for user to find the actual purpose of website. The number one ranking criteria for the search engines has always been the quality of the content displayed on websites. Yet, domain owners frequently spend thousands of dollars to build a sleek, beautiful site and then treat the actual writing as an afterthought. This affects far more than search results though, because it is also the number one way to engage visitors and increase conversion rates.

Out of date website: A lot can happen in one day and in digital era, a lot is changing on daily basis. There are amazing technical advances available out there, which also makes cybersecurity risks more threatening to businesses. Websites must be kept updates, not for adding new functionalities or technicalities but for also keeping it secure.

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