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Melancholy of Our Favourite Technology IoT

By: Diksha | September 13,2018 |

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Automation, smart control, inter-operability etc is all cool what are you aware of the dark side of Internet of things? Lets explore the dark side of the IoT, which no one tells you about! With the so much convenience offered by IoT, it is hard to not to pose any risks. But there are way too many risks which you’re might not be aware of.

“Dark things hide in dark places”


Just like majority of malware, botnets are also found on the dark side of the marketplace. They can also be rented, borrowed, leaked or purchased. Prices range between tens to hundreds of dollars, depending upon the type of damage it can do. With the competitive nature of dark market, botnets also varies in nature. For instance, there is one botnet is infecting the IoT while other one replacing that infection by placing its own code. In some cases also “repair” the security vulnerability used by the previous botnet to prevent re-infection and persist its position on the vulnerable device.

Medical sectors

IoT is used in field of healthcare but it also carries great threat to the medical records of the patients. There are instance available for the recent ransomware attacks carried out on healthcare IT systems. As predicted by Gartner, more than one-fourth of attacks in the health-care sector will target the IoT. It is a latest technology and some of its aspects are still hidden which make the traditional “walk the talk” doesn’t always work. Also some of the medical equipments located in the remote area lacks proper security features and are vulnerable to security risks. Those security vulnerabilities can leak medical record of patients. It is actually sold in black market to the organizations for generating fake profiles and seek advantages.

Cyber-security Challenges

With the increasing popularity, cybersecurity challenges are also increasing, there are several interested trends observed, such as an uptick in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks with unparalleled data traffic. According to the prediction of experts, data breaches will cause damages of up to $2.1 trillion globally by 2019. and the cost of breaches are likely to exceed about $150 million as more industries and business are getting connected.

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