By: Diksha | August 30,2018
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In this digital ecosystem, every business is competing to attain higher ranking on search engines. This competition seems mostly about the ranking only, but is it? Apparently yes but there is something else too. Getting a higher rank is just a way to strengthen the prospect of getting more clicks and attract more clients. Major competition is not about ranking but getting more clicks. Higher rank just helps in seeking more clicks on your site. Here are some tips for you gain more clicks on your website.

Only share best and strategic content

It’s a matter of fact that mostly companies want to leverage their network but trust me you’re hurting your website by6 sharing mediocre content. I know you want to leverage your network but sharing mediocre content is not an option. Try going for the relevant and only best content. It attracts quality users who will be loyal to you in long because they know the difference between mediocre and best content. Posting mediocre content will have a shadowy impact over your best content because users assume that all your content is mediocre. But if the content you share is b est than the users will look forward to your updates.

Write attention grabbing title

Just like a book is judged by its cover, an article/blog/content is judged by its title. Make sure the title sees interesting enough to grab the attention of the viewers and compels user to click over “read more”. In my experience title plays pivotal role in increasing CTR. But make sure that the content is just as interesting as the title. Major turn off for the users can be clicking over an article just to read trash content. Title should be interesting and attention grabbing whereas content should reflect the title, well researched and unique. Keep  the title short, relevant, interesting and irresistible to attain more clicks. Just a piece of advise, to find interesting titles, you can go through t6he pages ranking higher than you.

Add meta description

When you view the results page on Google after searching for some keywords, you must have noticed a piece of information below the page title. This the meta description/snippet to the information or content you’re going to encounter upon visiting the page. Adding a precise meta description is just as important as title. Although in the new ranking algorithm, their importance is somehow fading but SEO professionals still believe that it is a importance and powerful SEO strategy. Meta description is restricted to9 155-160 characters, so it is important to offer most precise and relevant information possible. Meta descriptions basically offers concise information regarding what that page is about to the users which ultimately helps in attaining higher click rate.

Put URL in well structured manner

You may not realise but URLs also play a significant role in increasing clicks. For instance, if your title falls under the title tag, it5 is likely to gain higher ranking and also helpful in reinforce the trust of user in webpage. Go for the short and relevant URLs reflecting the service or product rather than long and complicated URLs. Adding a well structured visual confirmation in the form of URL on the search engine result pages and it can have strong positive impact over user’s mind.

Add relevant images

A picture is worth a thousand words. You can write hundreds and thousands of words but it won’t be as nearly impactful as an image will be. You should go for images as it leave greater impact over users and helps you keep the blog concise, relevant and interesting. As report suggests, adding pictures to articles/blogs can increase up to 42% of click-through rate.

Here are some interesting and relevant tips for you to increase click rate over your website. Also, you can always seek professional help from SEO experts.


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