11 Oct 2018

Kotlin: Why Android Developers Prefer it Most?

Kotlin is statically typed programming language used for building multi platform application. Before this, Java was the primary language used for developing Android application. But after the advent of Kotlin, Android developers mostly prefer it to build multi-platform application. Several JVM languages languages are there which managed to impress programmers but it is leading the crowd of programming languages. Some of the advents of Kotlin which makes it favourite language of programmers are discussed further-

Similar syntax

Developers prefer this language because they don’t need to start over when it comes to learning this language. Those who are already in field of Java coding will find themselves quite familiar to the syntax of this language. If it does anything that is simplifying the coding even more. It is the most developer-friendly language with minor differences.

Concise coding

As compared to Java or any other programming language for that matter, Kotlin requires fewer lines of coding to implementing the same function. Seeing from the perspective of minimizing the boilerplate code, it is estimated that it requires 20% less coding from Java.


Even though Kotlin can be complex to use sometimes but is still preferred by majority of developers is because it is safe. Best part is it enables developers to dodge the complicated exception of NullPointExceptions using it which eliminates the need of worrying about nullable types with this language. Its compiler auto casts mistakes even if the developer had checked a type as right. It also enables developer to avoid entire classes of errors such as null pointer exceptions with Kotlin.


Kotlin is tool friendly as it lets the developers to choose any of the Java-based integrated development environment (IDE) they want free of cost or can also build from the command line. This feature makes it even attractive to the developers as they can start using Kotlin without spending any extra bucks.

Open Source

Best part about Kotlin is the developers do not need to spend extra bucks for building applications. Being open source, it allows developers to simply start using it through Java-to-kotlin converter tool which enables conversion of complex code to a simpler form without compromising on efforts and time as well.