Email marketing is useful to the marketers despite the hype about other marketing tools. Every business is different in nature and so it require different marketing scheme suiting its nature. Depending on the nature of business, audience respond to different channels in different ways. Here I am making you aware about the benefits you can have through email marketing-

  1. Better email newsletter design

Email marketing services need to be eye-catching to grab the attention of the consumer. With the ESP templates you can make your email newsletters look beautiful with the images and buttons, it gives a sleek and tidy look to the email newsletter and tempts the customers to at least have a look at it. Also, there is diverse range of drag-and-drop elements to make your custom email newsletter. You can include audio, video, gif files to make your email marketing attractive.

  1. Correct Display of Email

Email templates are not just about looks but also follows effective coding to keep the display correct and careful. To do so, you’re required to code it carefully. If you’re developing email template over your own platform, you’re required to be proficient in coding but with ESP email templates, you can keep everything lined up correctly. With the diverse range of available devices, each customer has their own choice of device. Never forget that most of the emails are opened over email which means it must be compatible to the screen layout of the mobile devices for correct display. Acquitting email marketing services can assure that your email will render correctly on every device instance.

  1. Gives time to organize contacts

Collecting customer contact details and managing it in different spreadsheets can be chaotic as it goes beyond keeping names and email addresses. Also at some point it becomes time consuming and cumbersome. Email marketing comes in picture here as it offers the automatic management of your contacts and organizing their data so that you can gain access to it faster and save yourself the trouble of sorting out the contacts.

  1. In-build Analytics

Everybody likes faster and real-time based results. You won’t be doing something if you’re not aware where it is going. So you have an advantage here because email marketing also offer in-build analytics. You can have the insights regarding how many of your emails reached the recipient’s inbox, how many of those emails were actually opened, and how many links were clicked in the body of your email.

  1. Avoids the risk of getting blacklisted

ISPs can mark you IP address as spam and can block your email to reach the inbox folder of your prospects. It means even if you are not sending marketing email, it will still make to spam folder of the recipient. Email marketing service avoid making your address from blacklisted by protecting it over the checksums.  And make sure that it reaches the inbox of the recipient.

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