Organization with forward thinking are leveraging latest technologies and IoT is leader of all other technologies. Considering the factors like scalability, flexibility, automation, which are capable of sensing new parameters, analyzing situations, it seems tempting enough to implement. Let me introduce to the IoT contribution in field of IT consultancy. Firstly the term IoT means an interconnected network of devices and systems to a network for offering automated services. IoT has came across a long way and is not just about computers only. Rather, it’s a network of objects, sensors and actuators ranging from office equipments to daily household equipments. Objects are connected to the internet and can be controlled and exchange data remotely.

IoT in IT consultancy firms

Smart homes and smart cities are the most suitable examples to represent the potential of IoT for consumers. Users dreamt about having a system which can switch on or off the lights on the voice commands or sensing the need, doors locking or unlocking as you approach. In IT industry, IoT is still paving its way. Taking the example of smart supply chains and modern arrays of connected sensors making it easy to tackle piles of data and records. Smart supply chain enables testing of products throughout the production phase. With the implementation of inexpensive proximity chips, it is easy to trace and monitor them. Similar technologies can be used and applied for the remote monitoring of the systems. In industry of mass production, consumer IoT devices are very popular that produces remote controllers and sensors, relatively inexpensive and repurposed for use in other contexts.

Maturity of IoT

IoT contribution in industrial and smart home context is remarkable and the improvements are being realized with the constant improvement in capability of IoT. There are multiple sectors including educational, healthcare, agricultural, household, public and private etc making use of IoT. Data collected by IoT from educational, marketing or healthcare sectors are used for research and development purpose. Increasingly ubiquitous network and transparency in data collection is proving the maturity in the technology. With the fusion of cloud with IoT, data storage and manipulation has become even easy and hassle-free.

When it comes to IoT contribution in IT consulting firms, they can acquire publically available tools for their temporary endeavour and can release them if not needed any more. This means integration points need thinking through and setting up deliberately, rather than expecting out-of -the-box communication with every IoT service. As always a bit of careful design and planning will go a lot further than a one-size-fits-all solution ever could.

Future IoT?

The technology now exists for us to create smart devices, easily connect them to existing networks and send that data to cloud solutions that can handle the scale of information needed for mainstream deployment.

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