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IOS Or Android - Which Mobile Platform To Choose In 2021?

By: Diksha | June 04,2021 |

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When it comes to the innovative world of mobile apps, we commonly hear people arguing which platform is better - iOS or Android? Well, that’s a tricky question as both have their own popularity in the market. With more than 7 billion unique mobile users in the world, deciding which platform is better is a daunting task. The figure clearly shows that mobile apps have clearly taken space in our daily lives.

If you are looking forward to developing your dream , then the first crucial decision you need to make is choosing the right platform. Since both iOS and Android are the leading platforms in the mobile app development world, there are many aspects you need to look into before making the final decision.

In this post, we will be highlighting the few aspects that will not only help you in analyzing the difference between the two but also help you base the right decision.

Feature Set

One of the crucial things you need to consider while building an application is its features. Bear in mind what exactly your app has to offer to the customers. Keeping a note of that, you need to analyze which platform to choose. Apple is confined to a specific environment which means that it is restricted to a single OS. Android, on the other hand, offers an open-source environment that allows you to get the source code easily and help to port it efficiently to your applications. Not just that, finding the Android libraries is not much of a task for the developers, thereby making the development process smooth and successful.

Global Dominance

There is no denying the fact that Android has more global users in comparison to apple. The other widely accepted fact is that Apple is considered to be a high-end device on which people happily spend their money. When it comes to making revenues, the US market is considered to be the biggest Apple market with a large number of iOS users. More than 45 % of US users use iPhones automatically making it a hero among all. However, Android holds a solid 2.5 billion user market on a global level which makes the platform quite popular on a global level. So, considering the market graphs, Android is a clear winner when it comes to global dominance.

Development Complexity

Did you know building an iOS app is faster, easier, and less costly in comparison to the Android app? Yes, you read that right! To develop an Android app, more code is required than the iOS making it a little more time-consuming. Not just that, the developers have to consider a great range of devices and platforms while developing Android applications. On the contrary, in iOS app development, the developers don’t have to deal with a wide array of platforms and devices. No matter which platform you use, if you want to get a smooth and efficient app development process, then you must hire professional app developers. But, one thing to keep in mind, that the Apple App Store has some stringent rules and a review process making it a longer app development process. 

Time for development

Another concern of developers is how much time it takes in app development. Well, due to huge assortments of features and functionalities, Android app developers struggle more to create an environment to ensure the smooth workflow of the app process. To be honest, the race is won solely by iOS as it can efficiently develop apps faster and better. iOS developers can make the app using one platform only which typically takes less time than the Android application process. So, in terms of time, iOS again is a winner for smooth and faster app development.


The success of any app depends on its capability to produce great incomes and that too for a long time. We all know how Google’s Play Store is ruling the app market which makes it obvious that Android is expected to get more downloads and revenue than Apple.

But, this does not mean that iOS is any less of a competitor. It has been observed that iOS users are likely to spend more on making in-app purchases than Android ones. So, from a revenue point of view, iOS gets more revenue than Android. If you want to monetize using in-app purchases or subscription models then you should go for iOS as it is a more lucrative platform.

Privacy And Security

When it comes to security, both Android and iOS have a decent record in assuring the same. However, Android has more vectors and is open for malware to enter your phone. In short, it is more vulnerable to malware and security threats. On the other hand, iOS has earned a reputation for being a highly-secured platform. The operating system of Apple is closed and it does not disclose its source code to the developers. This automatically makes it difficult for hackers to find vulnerabilities in ios-powered apps.

Android is majorly targeted by hackers, simply because it powers several phone devices. The global popularity of Android attracts cybercriminals to target devices. Well, this doesn’t mean that iOS is impossible to hit on. But, yes, in comparison to Android, iOS definitely gets a lead on this one.

Which One To Choose iOS Or Android?

After jotting down and analyzing all the factors of Android and iOS, you can easily pick a choice. The fact is that Apple loyal users don’t prefer other OS platforms and you can easily target them without any comparison or doubts. All you need to do is be consistent with the OS updates and Apple announcements. The Android market, on the other hand, is very large and competitive. But, you need to analyze the ideology before you begin building the app in a specific category.

If you are a startup and new to the mobile app world, then it is best to go for one platform. Once you have established a strong base on one platform, you can confidently move onto the next platform to enjoy lucrative benefits. Don’t panic and analyze your business requirements.

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